What is PITX?

What You Should Know About PITX: A Commuter’s Review

December 19, 2018With Love, From Sza

I hate waiting. Seriously. I hate waiting for the next person using the toilet to wrap up and go. I mean, seriously, how long does it take to pee? So, okay, waiting. I  hate it. We love the Mall of Asia and that’s an hour away from home and we don’t have a car so either we commute through vans or buses. Which is a total hassle, need I say more the traffic and the sometimes reckless drivers.

Going home would not be as hard as we have the UV Express / Vans for our ride home which apparently, you have to wait in line, standing for an hour or maybe two before the next one comes. The line looks so hard impossible to wait.

And, I hate it. I hate to wait standing there with my toddler. Terrence decided to take the PITX and having read multiple negative reviews, I was reluctant to take that route. I know he knows what he’s doing so we went that way either way.

We rode a city bus from MOA to PITX and my hesitations turned to excitement. I feel like I just stepped inside an International Airport waiting for my flight. Seriously.



What is PITX?

PITX or  Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange is the country’s first ever landport. It’s a bus terminal that definitely looks and feels like an airport. A government project that makes people from Cavite, Laguna and Batangas go to Metro Manila easier and vice versa.


The airport-like landport is equipped with free fast wifi while waiting for our ride, as well as charging ports under the seats. I loved how it has trolleys for baggage and luggage as well as wheelchairs for Senior Citizens and PWD. Fully functional escalators, water fountains in case you get thirsty, food and coffee corners are available too. All gender washroom is also available for our LGBT friends. I have read a lot of comments that the staff wasn’t terrific, but while we were there, they’re nothing but friendly and exceptional.

PITX Trolleys
Trolleys for baggage and luggage
PITX Food Stalls
Food Stalls
PITX Washroom
All Gender, Male and Female Washroom
Male Washroom
Male Washroom
PITX USB Charging Ports
USB Charging Ports
PITX fast wifi
Now that’s a fast wifi
PITX Bus Schedules
Bus Schedules


Majority of city buses from EDSA going to Baclaran drops by at PITX now. Also, Cavite to Baclaran buses drops off at PITX. The thing is, most buses don’t have a signboard to let commuters know that they’ll drop by PITX. Otherwise, you can just ask the bus conductor. For example, we were at MOA and we have no idea what bus to take so while the conductor was getting passengers, we asked him if the bus would pass by PITX and yep, he confirmed. Easy.


PITX DyipKo is available
DyipKo is available

Aircon and regular city and provincial buses are there. There are also new buses like DNS Transport, DyipKo, SETSCO, GreenFrog (modern air-conditioned jeepneys). P2P Buses like UBE Express are also available.


For now, I can only see Cavite and Batangas in the Bus Routes. However, if going home from Manila to Cavite, I’d rather use PITX than wait alone in the middle of the night along the dark scary highways of Manila.


They’re currently on soft opening but operational so a lot of improvements are needed. I don’t expect it to be perfect as of yet as they’re still considering what works best for the commuters.



We rode a city bus from MOA to PITX for 12php and we were dropped off at the 2nd floor. The guards told us to proceed to Gate 5 for buses to Cavite. We were supposed to get a ticket but they told us to wait until the next bus arrives before the ticket will be available. Thus, we waited 30 mins for a Dasma bus to arrive. As I say, I hate waiting. But the thing is, I was waiting comfortably in a cool place with foods readily available.

We were there waiting at around 8:15 PM and the bus arrived at around 8:45 for the 9:00 PM departure. I was actually expecting the San Agustin or probably DLTB bus but we rode a new bus which is a DOTR project called DNS (Delta Neosolutions) Transport that I can compare to Metro Express and BGC Buses. It was cooooool. Everyone inside was taking photos. Unfortunately, my phone ran out of battery and I left my charging cord.



Step 1: Once you’re in the drop-off area, proceed to the departure area of the terminal. (1st Floor)

Step 2: Check the screen for the bus schedule. It will say Arriving, Boarding, Departing. You can also ask the friendly staff at the information kiosk.

Step 3: Once they announce that tickets are available for your chosen trip, get your ticket at the ticket booth. You’re not gonna pay there yet. You’ll still pay inside the bus.

Step 4: Keep the ticket as it contains a QR code so you can pass through the gates.

Step 5: Once the bus arrives, fall in line in the departure gate and scan the QR from the ticket.

ONE-UP TIP: Make sure to stand outside the red line. The sensors are pretty sensitive. I was kind of annoyed because it took me roughly 30 seconds before my ticket was read because I was stepping on the red line.

Step 6: Look for your comfortable seat and pay once the bus conductor asks you to.

Step 7: Enjoy and have a safe trip home.



The buses are still fewer so expect a longer waiting time. Not ideal for someone going to work in the rush hour. If you don’t have a choice but ride there, be there an hour before your normal travel. I haven’t tried in the morning though so I can’t speak on a morning commuter’s behalf.

There’s a GRAB drop-off and pick-up point so you can book if you needed a private ride.

Fast Foods like Jollibee and Chowking are still closed but are opening really soon.

They’re still on soft opening so you may see a lot of lapses, however, suggestions are very much welcome.

Suggestions are actually open through these channels:

Facebook, PITX Website, Email and PITX Hotline: (02) 396-3817 / (02) 396-3818

PITX Hotline: (02) 396-3817 / (02) 396-3818

I think people just have to use it more so everyone can adjust. Bus Operators would say that they aren’t getting a lot of passengers there. That may be because only few people use it.

Overall, I had a good experience. Terrence keeps on using it thought even when it takes him longer to wait. This landport is the first in the country and is a really good idea once developed, in my opinion.


Have you been there? How was it? What do you think needs improvement? Let me know in the comments below.

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