Wensha Spa Pasay 2022 – A Review.

Don’t go to Wensha Spa without reading this post.

Lats weekend, the leaders at Synergy went to a relaxing weekend at Wensha Spa. As a Digital Marketing Manager, and the Operations Manager’s wife, I got the opportunity to join the team.

I’ve learned about Wensha Spa before and how it is the ultimate spa experience. It’s my first visit, and quite frankly, I expected more.

We arrived at 12nn on a Saturday at Wensha Spa Pasay to check in. We were given number bracelets, which are actually locker keys.

We used vouchers that Tee bought online so each one of us costs only ₱700. If you purchase at least ₱1,000 worth of services, you’ll be able to avail the complimentary buffet.

In our case, the voucher is equivalent to their 60-minute body massage worth ₱1,080 so we had the opportunity to enjoy the buffet.


There are different schedules for the buffet but it’s the usual lunch, snacks and dinner.

Their buffet schedule is:

11 AM – 2 PMLunch Buffet
3 PM – 6 PMSnack/Merienda
6 PM – 10 PMDinner Buffet

The voucher we purchased allowed us to stay at Wensha for 6 hours so we were able to eat Lunch and Merienda.

  • The food options were limited and honestly, not great. It was a dissapointment. We didn’t really eat much. Except for the HotPot that we purchased separately.
  • You can purchase their hotpot for ₱495 which is already good for 2-4 persons. We got two because there were 7 of us. The servers were great enough to keep our hotpot after our lunch, because we’ve decided to eat it after the massage.
  • There’s no free drinks. Only water (and coffee during merienda). You may purchase their soda for ₱55, or you may purchase a separate drink from the juice store inside the spa.

Locker Rooms

In this part of the post, I no longer have photos as it is not allowed inside the area.

The bracelets you need for your locker.

I am speaking as a woman who entered the Women’s Locker Room and I cannot speak in behalf of the men’s experience.

Inside the locker room, we were given a towel, and an option of pink or maroon “spa clothes.” I have no idea what you call them so I’m just gonna call it spa clothes. 😂

We then located our lockers, used the bracelet to unlock it. We then have to undress and wrap ourselves in a towel so we can go to the Jacuzzi. No undergarments at all. This is why we can’t take photos, everyone’s naked.


We took a quick shower, then immersed into the hot tub. It was like a swimming pool but there were lots of naked ladies in there. As usual, we weren’t confident enough to go in there naked, so we bought disposable underwear from the spa attendant. You can bring your own actually, it’s totally fine.

The water on the other hand looks dirty and all those paper postings looks crude.

We spent a few minutes at the Jacuzzi, talked and the hot water is actually very relaxing. I can stay there for long, but there’s a bit of awkwardness within us girls, so we decided to head on to the next agenda — Sauna. Or should I say, steam room because the Sauna wasn’t working. I think it’s the same thing tho, so that’s okay.

Steam Room

The steam room is just beside the Jacuzzi. It’s a small heated room and it felt so relaxing. It was actually my favorite part. Unfortunately, I was wearing my contact lens so I have been just a few minutes, but my eyes were closed while there. It was awesome. I can feel the heat opening up on my pores. I wanna stay longer because I know there are tons of good benefits and it’s good for my sinuses too, but I can’t due to my contact lens.

There are precautions by the door saying who can and can’t go inside the steam room, and boy was I right, I can’t be in there with my contact lens on.

But if I hit another spa soon (because I don’t think I’m going back to Wensha again), I’d sure hit the steam room for longer.

Body Massage

After the steam room, we changed into our spa clothes and went to the body massage area. It was right by the buffet area.

The masseuse came and started with the whole body massage. She started with hard as I told her, but I asked her to switch to soft because I don’t think my body can handle it. It was relaxing and finally got some relief from my back pain and foot pain.

The part that I hate the most was after the massage. You know when you just opened your eyes after 60 minutes and the masseuse handed you this piece of paper to sign and asked to write a tip amount.

You know when you just opened your eyes after 60 minutes and the masseuse handed you this piece of paper to sign and asked to write a tip amount.

That was terrible. Normally, people should relax after a massage but instead handed this piece of paper to sign, I was like ‘what’s going on?” I understand it’s for their tip but they should find a different system for that. One of our colleague was sleeping after the massage and they had to wake her up to sign that paper.

After our massage, we went to the buffet area to try their merienda, but there’s no food left at around 4PM and they did not refill. They only had coffee, and we had the hotpot we left during lunch. The soup was perfect after the massage.


When we got there, I told Tee that it might be closed. The building is old. If you look at it, it looks like one of those old abandoned buildings with trailer trucks parked out front.

I honestly thought they were not functional anymore.

The buffet area and bathroom were elegant, even the lobby. The locker room was okay too. But when you step inside the Jacuzzi area, the ceiling looks super old and wasn’t maintained. There were areas that were not functional like the other massage area and sauna.


There were other services offered in Wensha aside from those mentioned like Body Scrub, Facial, Waxing, Foot Spa, Manicure, Pedicure and a lot more. Take a look at this flyer from (2021) their Facebook page. I just think it’s a bit expensive for ₱950 for a foot spa.

I’ve seen lots of negative reviews from their Facebook Page. It seems like the management has changed because their service is unsatisfactory. Other people say that this is not the Wensha that they knew. That it was different then.

I never really expected a so-so spa experience from Wensha. Before, when I hear people talk about Wensha, it’s this magnificent spa experience, the one you go to as a reward for a promotion.

I wish they would improve after hearing negative reviews from loyal customers.

Would I go back? Nah, I don’t think so. I mean this is really based on my personal experience. Unless of course, they’d improve — maybe upgrade the food, facilities and service, but until then, we won’t be coming back to Wensha.

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