Weekly Recap: Okada Manila, Ayala Triangle Gardens, MMFF

January 1, 2019With Love, From Sza

Oh, the week between Christmas and New Year. Feels so fast. Seems like little time to do the many things we wanted to be done.

We didn’t go grand this Holiday simply because we have no family around. Which means tiny Christmas Tree & Christmas Lights, a couple of food and our favorite Coffee Jelly (which I made) and I forgot to take a photo uggggh!

Monday, we had Lunch at Terrence’s grandma. I was actually amazed how they just let you eat at the table when they’re done eating even before we arrived. Isn’t the purpose of inviting people for lunch is for fellowship and gathering? Not that I’m complaining but it wasn’t what I expected. I grew up having plenty of Brunches with family friends and church-mates and it has always been a fellowship at the table.

Okada Manila Lights Show Okada Manila Lights Show Inside Okada Manila Inside Okada Manila Inside Okada Manila Inside Okada Manila Inside Okada Manila

So I was saying, we went home to rest because we’ll be going to Okada Manila to watch the light’s show. It’s called The Fountain because it actually is a dancing fountain. It was amazing and impressive. Apparently, Dreu was scared because of the sound effects and the towering water splashing.

Ayala Triangle Gardens

Then went to Makati to watch the Christmas Lights show at the Ayala Triangle Gardens. This is heart-melting. The Disney theme songs while the lights go with it is absolutely pleasing. This was where Dreu enjoyed. He’s seen a lot of kids dancing along with the laser beams and smoke effects. He definitely enjoyed it.

It was a night of ride but we went home before 12 midnight just in time for Christmas. Spent it snuggling in the bed with my two beloved Terrence and Dreu.

Inside Bonifacio High Street Central Square Inside Bonifacio High Street Central Square
Inside Bonifacio High Street Central Square Inside Bonifacio High Street Central Square

Disclaimer: That’s not coffee, that’s Mango Ice-Blended from CBTL. We love CBTL. 

Wednesday, Dreu and I visited Daddy at work and watched Vice Ganda’s MMFF Film – Fantastica – which is not as funny as I thought it would be . I was disappointed, sorry Vice. However, we enjoyed as It was Dreu’s first time and as expected he didn’t sit still. High Street’s cinema offers booster seats for kids which were really nice. But Dreu doesn’t care so he went up and down the cinema stairs. As expected.

Shopwise Imus

Thursday is grocery shopping because we’re running out of stock. We usually go either Shopwise or Puregold but this time we decided to go to Shopwise because until now, PG doesn’t haveDreu’s favorite Froot Loops. #WhyPureGold #CallingOutPG However, I was happy we went to Shopwise instead, I scored 2 kilograms of chicken for the price of one. They offer great deals with their meat. I’ll surely come back.

Shopwise Imus The Buy 1 Get 1 chicken deal. Worth it for 199 for 2 kls.


Friday. We went to SM Dasma to buy a gift for Daddy’s exchanging of gifts at the office. Just me and Dreu. Hence, no photos. Going home, it was raining so bad and the buses are also jam-packed. With a toddler on one hand and paper bags on the other, I was lucky I was able to get on the bus before people came. I can say I almost cried as I was alone and it was my first time with Dreu on a super duper loaded bus. Nonetheless, I can say it was worth it because of what’s inside the paper bag that I was holding onA bag. Lol!  I was able to manage to shop for a bag when I know I’m gonna have trouble going home. Hahaha!

sleeping beauty. pardon the velcro, his curls are annoying

Sunday is rest day. We’re supposed to be going to church but it was raining so hard. So it’s day of rest, more so like a Netflix Family Day. We finished Bird Box which is one hell of a movie. You should watch it. 

So far, that was the busy week.

How was your Christmas week? So far so good? 


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