A Review: Watsons Baby Bath

July 17, 2018With Love, From Sza

As a mom, my baby’s well-being comes first and one thing I make sure is I maintain my son’s soft skin. It can be a bit tricky in finding what’s best for your child’s delicate skin. I have a new discovery from Watsons: Sweet Dreams Baby Bath and Moisturizing Milk Bath!

From time to time, I try to discover new products that may work well with my son and would work well with my budget. Numerous baby baths are overpriced giving us the same result.

What I look for in a baby bath is that it’s delicate to the baby’s soft skin and of course, lesser chemicals which means it’s paraben-free.

I bumped into Watson’s Switch and Save Promotion and I saw these 850 ml Watsons Baby Bath on BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sale for only 299 pesos. So, I gave it a try and I chose the Sweet Dreams and Moisturizing Variants.

The great thing about Watsons Baby Bath is that it has No added:

drying and irritating to the skin

may contain toxic chemicals

family of chemical preservatives


Mineral Oil



toxic chemical that can cause skin and lung irritation

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

I tried it with my kid and it has a good lather and cleans well. It’s not too moisturized and smells really great too.

It states that all Watsons Baby products are formulated for use on babies’ delicate skin and hair, and are suitable for grown-ups to use, too!

The Sweet Dreams variant (violet) has natural lavender oil and Vitamin E, which means it smoothes the skin. Also, the Moisturizing Variant (blue) contains Hydrolysed Milk, Aloe Vera and Vitamine E. It surely is safe for you and your baby as it is Dermatologically Tested. It is made in Malaysia and distributed in the Philippines.

I have tried it just a few times and I am yet to discover its long-term effect.

The Watsons Baby Bath are available in all Watson’s branches nationwide.

Should you give it a try, let me know!

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