Valentines Gift Guide for Her ♡

February 12, 2019With Love, From Sza

Women don’t really demand what they wanted as gifts. And roses and chocolates are too mainstream for Valentines. Some doesn’t really like flowers like meeeee, chocolates will do but it should be something a bit more special.

So I’ve put together a gift guide that aren’t only beautiful but women will surely love.

♡ These cute Debbie Hoop Earrings from Stage Chic.

♡ Very affordable yet trendy tops and hoodies from Lucy In The Sky Manila.

♡ Lip and Cheek tints are the bomb as they aren’t bulky to bring. This one from Loreal is beautiful.

♡ We’d love some clear skin and a pamper day. A facial from Bloom Ph offers a couple’s treatment for 10% off.

♡ Because dining sets don’t have to be boring. Check out these chic sets from Robinsons Home.

♡ Blur those wrinkles and make sure we don’t have fine lines. This is an amazing primer from Sephora.

♡ Or maybe she loves roses after all. Ditch the red roses and give her a dozen pink ones instead.

♡ Why not bring her to the biggest floating playground in Zambales?

♡ And if you wanted to be extra sweet, you can fulfill her sugary fantasies and take delight in nonstop decadence at the Desert Museum.


Spread love and be loved.



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