Travelling Alone with your Toddler

September 25, 2018With Love, From Sza

For the past year, I’ve been travelling to or from my hometown several times. My toddler and I has flown many times together, just the two of us because my partner’s work schedule is a little strict when it comes to that. He may have travelled many times but it will never be the same because he’s a toddler now.

It has never been easy to have a trip with my 1 year old. He’s very energetic and I worry a lot about our flight because he sometimes is uncontrollable. Well, most toddlers are. However, the recent travel I had was smooth and he never gave me the chance to tell myself “never again.” It was not crazy and I believe with proper planning and preparation, travelling would be a nice and more enjoyable experience.

Here are tips on how to make your flight a little easier and less fussy with your toddler.

Plan ahead

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This adage never gets old. I make sure I prepare everything from bottles to milk, to diapers, clothes, luggage, hand-carry items and all that because a calm mom = a calm baby. I hate myself when I get pissed at Dreu just because something’s missing or I am running out of time so this time, I made a list of the things I have to bring so I  won’t forget a thing. Honestly, a checklist has been my best friend when I become a mom. Trust me, you don’t want your Mama Brain interrupting with your flight.

Talking about planning make sure to…

Prepare luggage and necessary stuff the night before

I fold all the clothes I have to bring and the baby items we needed. I list them down as I said earlier and pack them the night before so I will spend the next day just finishing everything up. Plus, if you have a toddler, for sure, you don’t have all the time in the world to pack up. So, doing it the night before is the best way to go. My toddler always wants to play with me whenever I pack my things so this time, I opened another luggage for him to play while I fix our stuff on the other one. I never thought of this before but it helped a lot and made me finish everything a lot faster.

Check IDs and Birth Certificates

You don’t want to be late in your flight because you spend an hour or two for missing items so make sure you have your Government ID’s prepared and your toddler’s birth certificate in your wallet. And of course, make sure you don’t forget your wallet, keep it handy but safe.

Double check flight details and itinerary

Make sure of the flight details, time and day – usually it’s military time. Just double check and be sure.  Have your itinerary handy on your phone – screenshot probably because you not be able to access your email right away. If it’s printed, make sure it’s in your hand carry bag so it’s easier to grab while your toddler is trying to pull your arms out of your body.

Prepare videos and nursery rhymes on your phone or iPad

Download movies and nursery rhyme videos on your phone or iPad so you can distract your toddler in fussy times. Sometimes, they’re done with the milk and food and just needed a little entertainment. A quiet book will do too.

Be at the airport two hours before your flight

Set an alarm on your phone 4 hours before the flight so you don’t have to rush and you have time to double check everything. To make sure you get a good seat (if you haven’t chosen one yet because I think it’s an unnecessary add-on), check-in two hours before the flight so you get the good seats. If available, you can request a comfortable seat for you, either window type or aisle. But in my experience, window type is preferable -for kids. Once done checking-in, you can go inside the lounge now or proceed at the play area so your toddler will have fun while waiting, plus, he gets tired after playing so he falls asleep once you’re in your flight.

Mama, you may have everything under control but sometimes, you get thrown under the bus so when all else fails, be confident. And even if you’re counting the minutes left for the flight, be strong and excited.

You can do this!

Anything I missed when flying with a toddler or anything you’d do?

Let me know in the comments below!

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