The Solution to My Period Problems in a Spritz

August 15, 2018With Love, From Sza

It is so hard to just wipe off when you’re outside. If you’re like me, I can’t take it without water and if I don’t have much of a choice, I just wipe it off despite the itchy feels. ⁣I finally found the solution to my period problems and public toilet dilemma. A Feminine Mist. Because we need to feel fresh – down there, too! ⁣

Aren’t mists for the face? Yep! But this one isn’t. This feminine mist caught my eye at Rustan’s, much more when the lady approached me.

Meet Beauty Library’s Feminine Mist – an all natural antibacterial and odor neutralizer for the intimate area. So, period or  no period, you can use it to clean your area down there. Who doesn’t need a breathe of fresh air? lol!
But spraying something down there? Weird?

Take a look at these great ingredients which are safe and very useful. They say don’t put anything down there that isn’t edible so…


it is believed that yogurt contains good bacter Lactobacillusrestores a healthy balance in the vagina.


Is believed to normalize menstrual cycles and regulate hormones.


Provides moisture and soothing effect.

It claims to provide 6 benefits in a spritz:

✔ Antibacterial

✔ Helps prevent odor upon continuous use

✔ Cleanses and hydrates the intimate area

✔ Contains antioxidant properties

✔ Maintains optimal PH-balance of the vaginal flora naturally, even during red days

✔ Lightens and firms skin

✔ It is dermatologically tested, Gynecologist tested with pH of 4.5


The feminine mist is good for daily use anytime, anywhere to feel fresh all day. Spray the mist from a short distance with 2-3 spritz on the intimate are and panty liner. No need to rinse off, close the cap after using and you’re ready to go.

It comes in two sizes, the smaller size is ₱189 and this one I bought (50 ml) at ₱ 249. It also comes in two variants – Pink (French Rose? )and Green (green tea ?). ⁣ ⁣

Oh girl, I just had the cleanest feeling on my period because of this! Feminine mists can be a holy grail too! This one’s mine. ☝️

⁣Every girl needs one, trust me!

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