The Army Gym & 12 Things

November 19, 2018With Love, From Sza

Instead of my usual Weekend Update, I wanted to up my things a little bit.
So, I am starting a new thing called: 12 things.

It’s actually just a random number and I’ll write down 12 things happening in my life and in everything.
Okay, without further adieu,
here are my 12 things for the week:

Dreu’s been eating like a lot lately plus he drinks 8oz of milk 5 times a day. He’s been having milk before and after a meal plus a biscuit or two in the afternoon. He turned out to be eating real foods and I am just so happy seeing progress in his body. Plus, he’s getting a lot heavier than yesterday.

I have decided to pursue my blog as something like a Family Lifestyle Blog than a Mom/Parenting Blog. I’m new to parenting gaming and I don’t I have enough ideas on this phase of my life. And since I actually started on having my blog as just a hobby, I’d just share whatever pops into mind as Daddy Tee and I grows this family together. Maybe throw in little parenting things I‘ll be learning here and there.

I’ve been having severe lower back pains lately, so I get tired of doing a few of my house chores. I love putting on ointments on it but nothing works. Not quite sure if it’s because of my UTI or I’ve been moving a lot lately, like toddler plus chores, up and down the stairs, facing the laptop all that stuff. Those things, phew! So, what’s a good thing to try to lessen the pain? Do I need like milk now? I don’t wanna rely on Advils for these pains.

I discovered that I save more money when I buy a weeks worth of food at the grocery. I’ve been caught up on the idea of spending an exact amount for a week, let’s say 1000 pesos per week when I can actually spend less than a thousand if I stock things instead of buying at the market every day. Not only it is tiring, it makes me spend more.

We went to Market Market last Sunday and it was my first time there. Though I didn’t enjoy it much because there are so many people and we can barely move. Plus, I don’t have my contacts on and I don’t have my eyeglasses yet. Maybe next time I’ll enjoy it. Have you been there? What’s your favorite shop?

We spent the Sunday attending Daddy’s Company Sportsfest where he played basketball. Its been a long time since he played, but still, Daddy Tee for three! 🏀

I’ve been reducing Dreu’s screen time to 1-2 hours per day, and on TV or laptop only because I am so afraid of the mobile phone’s radiation plus having too much screen time may have an effect on speech development. So, this week, I’ve been trying to talk to him more and playing with him.

We’ve been considering getting a condominium or maybe just a mid-rise condo so we won’t be spending much on renting. Renting is okay temporarily but not really a good expense in the long run. What better way to invest in your family than a home.

Staying away from social media isn’t as easy as I thought. Growing my blog means marketing it out there but a little bit impossible without social media. I just don’t like Facebook and Instagram and they haven’t done me any good as of yet but I’m trying to analyze things out. I would still be present in these two but I will try to focus more on my blog.

I have learned to bake! Not really baking in the oven but making cakes thru steaming is still baking so yeah, I’m so proud. I was trying to practice because I’ve been checking on customized cakes for Dreu’s birthday and it ranges from 3000 to 4000 pesos so I decided to try it out and it worked  Cost = 200 pesos for 3 cakes. There’s a lot of recipes online but I’ll give you my recipe soon.

I’m thinking of organizing our closet and repurpose my two wooden cabinets. They’re empty as of now and I wanna utilize them. I can use the storage. I just down know where I’d put them, thoughts?

I’ve been planning on creating a Facebook group in line with my not focusing on social media, lol! The facebook group I wanted is to focus on younger moms growing a family on a budget, without a nanny. Is that a good group to create? Moms sharing ideas and stuff? This is my struggle right now and I wanna help a community of moms struggling in the same area. Comment down below, I wanna hear your thoughts.

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