Starbucks finally released a teaser!

Have you seen it? Starbucks has finally posted an official teaser for the #Starbuckstradition: The 2023 planner. 

I’ve always admired the planners, but I never really had one. Because even though I liked it, it’s just something I can live without. 

But… this year’s planner looks so dazzling. Its golden and sparkly look makes it so beautiful!

Plus, it’s a binder planner so I can add pages that I designed. Ones that are useful and essential for me. 

I can also reuse this for 2024 if I want. Unless there’s a 2023 in front, then I couldn’t, but it would be a significant part of my binder planner collection. I have 2 for the past year and I have kept them just because. I mean, for whatever reason, I can’t let them go because I think they still have a purpose. 

Anyway, I think I’m getting the 2023 planner. Hopefully, I’d be able to collect all the stars as I go to SB more often now than the previous years. 

Also, I wish they had better Christmas drink options and anything other than peppermint. Others may love it, but I really feel like eating toothpaste so I’ll pass on anything peppermint. So fingers crossed on better Christmas Drinks. 

How about you? Are you taking part on this year’s Starbucks Tradition? 💕

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