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My Top 10 Starbucks Ph Drinks

Here are 10 of my favorite Starbucks drinks, of all time.

Starbucks is the most popular coffee chain here in the Philippines. Anywhere you go, you ask people, they know where Starbucks is. Filipinos usually call it SB but Gen Z’s coined the term Starbs for it and Seattle’s best is the new SB, apparently.

Whatever you call it, this is almost everyone’s favorite. Or maybe just mine, but I go to tons of coffee shops and my taste buds would always scream “Starbucks!” So I wanna share my top 10 favorite Starbucks drinks in order. BTdubs, 8/10 of this list is coffee based because I’m a coffee person. So here they go.

1. Dark Caramel Coffee with Java Chips

Caramel for me is a very comforting flavor. I love caramel because it’s a great way to add flavor to desserts or drinks. The reason why I always put caramel i my drinks is because it can give my coffee a creamy, smooth texture that enriches the Starbucks’ coffee profile.

If I am in a new coffee shop and don’t know what to order, Caramel is the safest option for me.

Starbucks Philippines

Which is why at Starbucks, my top 1 favorite drink is Dark Caramel Coffee. It’s a coffee-based frappe, with whipped cream and caramel drizzle! The combination of coffee and caramel? Heaven!

And I recently discovered that adding Java Chips to Dark Caramel Coffee makes it from a 10/10 to 20/10.

2. Hot White Chocolate Mocha

Hot White Chocolate Mocha is my go-to when the weather’s too cold for an Iced Drink. Say, we’re in Baguio or Tagaytay, this is what I’d order, no questions asked. Who wouldn’t like espresso and white chocolate, milk and whipped cream in a drink?

Starbucks Philippines

And even if it has chocolate, it would still wake you up because of the espresso in it.

3. Iced White Chocolate Mocha with Sweet Cream Cold Foam topped with Caramel Drizzle

This is a customized drink but somehow it’s an iced version of the Hot White Chocolate Mocha. So this drink doesn’t have whipped cream but cold foam instead. If you don’t know the difference between the two, cold foam is frothed non-fat milk while whipped cream is “whipped” “cream,” literally. Cold foam has less calories and fat vs whipped cream. I’m not on a diet so that’s not really the reason I choose cold foam. It’s just sometimes, I wanna taste the Caramel and White Chocolate more than the sweetness of the whipped cream.

Anway, this is one is soooo good too. You should try it!

4. Caramel Machiatto

On days where I just want a simple drink but I still want a hint of Caramel, it’s the Machiatto. The reason why I consider it as one of the best drinks is because of it’s combination of strong espresso flavor with the sweetness of caramel and the smooth, creamy texture of the milk.

Additionally, the layering of the different ingredients in a caramel macchiato can make it a visually appealing drink or “aesthetic”, and the use of caramel syrup adds a touch of sophistication and elegance. Overall, the combination of flavors and textures in a caramel macchiato can make it a satisfying and indulgent beverage that I truly enjoy and I’m sure you will too.

It’s a classic. Makeeyatto!

5. Java Chip Frappucino

I can never forget the first time I entered Starbucks at SM City Davao. Those were the days where I don’t know that a small is a tall and a large is called a venti. Yes, we’ve all been through that stage. Or was it just me?

Anyway, this was my very first order. Anyone who comes with me at Starbucks and says it’s their first time, wanted a frappe, I just tell them “Just get the Java Chip. It was my first drink too.”

6.Coffee Jelly Frapuccino

I used to love this a lot. Chewing on those jelly sure is a good way to spend my time. I love ordering this when I’m waiting for someone. It’s time consuming.

The jelly lately seems a little sour than I first tried this but I would still order this. I don’t love it as much but it’s not bad.

7. Salted Caramel Cold Brew

If I want to palpitate and want to stay awake, I order cold brew because it has more caffeine. This is because the process of making cold brew coffee involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period of time, typically between 12 and 24 hours. During this time, the caffeine and other compounds in the coffee are extracted from the grounds and dissolve into the water, creating a highly concentrated brew.

You may not like the taste of cold brew if you haven’t tried it before. A little sour, a little bitter, and a little diluted. The key is to get this with less ice and make sure to swirl your cup 5-10 times. Just give it a little shake, and it will grow on you.

8. Dark Mocha Frappuccino

Dark Mocha screams fun. Think summer. I know it’s not a fruity drink but on a hot summer day, it would be awesome to sip on a Dark Mocha. Dark chocolate and coffee are just good on a sunny day.

Coffee’s rich, bold flavor can complement the sweetness of chocolate, creating a balanced and satisfying taste. Besides that, the addition of chocolate and coffee to a drink can add complexity and depth, making it more interesting and appealing.

9. Signature Hot Chocolate

I don’t order the Signature Hot Chocolate as much because when I order a hot drink; I go for the White Chocolate Mocha because you know, chocolate and coffee in one. But… if you just want a plain yet rich hot chocolate, this ones for you.

10. Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls

If you’re tired of coffee and the sweetness that comes with frappe, the Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pom Pearls is the drink for you. Out of all the Teavana drinks, this one right here is my favorite refreshing drink.

Starbucks Philippines

So there, my list of my favorite Starbucks drinks. I have tried a lot of their drinks but unfortunately, some of them did not make it to my list. These are my own preference and you may have your favorite drinks too. But if you’re a caramel and coffee lover, the drinks I’ve listed above is worth a try.

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