Meet Mr. “Pretty”

February 16, 2019With Love, From Sza

While I was waiting for my validation interview to know where I’d be assigned, a man in a blue plaid polo shirt came out of door #3 and said “I’m looking for Ms. Szarenne.” That’s me! So I went inside the interview room. A little bit scared but mostly not. I was quite confident before.

So, I sat down and he was staring at me for like 3 seconds. As he finally snapped out of it, “I’m sorry. You’re pretty,” he said.

“Oh, thank you!” were the words that came out of my mouth. Okay Mr. Interviewer, I was expecting more of a “How Are You Today?” question. I mean, seriously? Isn’t that against policy? Hitting on an interviewee?

So then he proceed with the questions he had to ask me about the account and all that stuff.

After all the process, I signed the contract with HR and got hired.

Weeks later, training has come. I totally forgot about that guy who called me “pretty” on an interview.

So since the account was new, 2 supervisors joined us for the training.

Well if it isn’t Mr. “Pretty.”

I’m ruined. I knew it. Nesting came, I’m still on his team until production.

But he never scared me. His hitting on me tactic never stopped me for being a consistent top agent. We’ve been on the team for a year. We shared jokes, and outings, night parties, karaokes, and mostly drinking.

But then he was moved. He was moved to success bay. The team for struggling agents who badly needed help. I knew he’d be more useful there than on our team because mostly we’re good.

I was sad. I told everyone it’s because I hate to see my team split up. We were just too close. But mainly because I felt like he’d be more focused on the other team and not us anymore. I was consumed by my emotions of him leaving the team.

But I know it doesn’t have to end there. I still haven’t got my chance with Mr. “Pretty” just yet. So I’ve been thinking about being on the same level with him. Most days I was thinking about the promotion and I know I can get it.

But I know I have to beat that guy who called me “pretty.” I know I have to beat the emotion. So I worked really hard to be on top again.


I got the promotion.

He was moved to nesting and I became an apprentice supervisor at the Success Bay.

And because we’re both (almost) in the same position now, we became closer than ever.

And as every other stories, you prolly know what happened next. It’s quite long and I’m a bit of a storyteller so I may be telling you the rest of it next Valentines but that’s for now. 💛

And by the way, the man who called me pretty is now the father of my child. 💜

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    Anonymous mouse

    February 16, 2019 at 1:39 pm

    Hello there pretty, just want to tell you that you’re prettier together with our baby. 🙂
    I LOVE YOU AND KEEP IT UP!! You’re doing great for both of us (Dreu and Mr. “Pretty”).

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