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December 14, 2018With Love, From Sza

I am obsessed with coffee, donuts, gelatos, ice creams, milk teas and all things food. I am a loyal customer of Starbucks, Krispy Kreme, J.CO, Giardino Gelato, InfiniTea, Dunkin Donuts, Seattle’s Best among others. I’m trying to save on money but I am having trouble stopping myself when it comes to coffees and donuts and cakes. But, when I heard about Booky, I was so elated because now, I can definitely have my favorites without hurting my wallet.

I loved Booky and I think I will be a loyal subscriber.



Booky is currently the #1 Food App in the Philippines. They offer Buy 1 Take 1 deals and great discounts up to 50% off from a lot of restaurants. I’m a discount addict and when I can save money, I’d take that, fo sho! The best thing I love about it is that they offer great deals from my favorite restaurants.

Booky is priced at ₱199/month for Booky Prime if without promotion. But, GOOD NEWS! Booky offers 1-month free subscription that allows you to take advantage of the BOGO deals for a month! Yes, a month! In my first month, I was able to buy 2 medium sized Signature coffee with 2 Glazed Donuts *my faaaaave* for only ₱129!

Booky also got deals not just for restaurants but also for Gym subscriptions and Skin Clinics. The app allows you to search for a place so you can get deals wherever you are. Say, we were at MOA and we wanted to have coffee, so we looked up SM MOA and the deals showed up in three different categories: Eat, Move and Glam. We clicked what we wanted to and went to the cafe.

After a month, when our Free Booky Expired, we upgraded to Booky Prime where they offer 3 months of Prime for only ₱9 *parang Spotify lang eh* if you haven’t tried Booky Prime before. Which is also a steal, so we took advantage of it. We had 2 Medium  Mocha Javakula Coffee for only ₱195 at Seattle’s Best which is deemed pretty reasonable considering the price we’ll pay to get two. Gave me an extra buck to try their Yema Cacao Cake *luuuurve it btw*.

Imagine spending almost ₱500 pesos for coffee and I know, you can have coffee at home but sometimes, it feels good to splurge a little and treat yourself.

So far, we had a great experience with Booky and we loved it.

ONE-UP TIP: Always make sure to update your Booky App because they add new coupons every week.

Sooooo… here’s how to claim a BOGO:


Open the App and select a coupon. On the upper side, there’s a tab that says “Buy 1 Get 1 deals” – this is where you’ll see all the BOGO deals. We realized that it’s easier to use the search button to look up our current location  and the deals would show up.




Select a branch and swipe the orange button to claim.

ONE-UP TIP: Swipe the CLAIM NOW button once you’re inside the restaurant because there’s a 10-minute timer and you have to claim your BOGO before the timer runs out.


Show the staff your unique code.

Just show it to the cashier and they will note it down, and start prepping your 2 for 1 order.

That’s it.

Will I use it again? Yes, for sure. I actually just renewed for another 3 months. Download it here.

Also, here’s how you can save money while eating out:

1. Take advantage of food apps and deals: Like Booky, and GCash vouchers. These two are what we typically use to get discounts.

2. Get the birthday discount: when someone’s having a birthday in the family, this is a good deal to take advantage.

3. Skip the appetizer: You’re eating out because you’re hungry and appetizer will make you hungrier thus ordering more foods. We’ll just take the entree, Monsieur. Merci.

4. Go during happy hour: a lot of restaurants are having promotions at around 2-5PM. We always take advantage of the BOGO sushi at Tsuru Restaurant when we were still in Davao.

5. Avoid the Iced Tea and Pineapple juice upgrades. Seriously, it’s an extra 25php for that upgrade, and they won’t tell you unless you ask. Bad cheetah!

Anyhow, these are the ones that I apply whenever we eat out. I hate spending grand on restos that’s why we use apps like Booky.

Have you tried it? How was it? Let me know in the comments below.

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