Moms, Here’s Why You Should Pay Yourself

January 9, 2019With Love, From Sza

Some people underestimate the work moms do. But I know we all work hard whether you’re a Stay-at-Home mom or a working mom. Stay at home moms, worry about food, budget, chores and keeping our kids entertained throughout the day. Working moms’ minds are at home while they work which I say can be very stressful, plus they still do things at home and take care of the kids after office. Needless to say, we have the toughest job on the planet.

I try to take my mind off of stress and one thing I practice once again is to compensate myself so I’ll feel good despite the dreary routine I have at home. Let’s be real, we would do and buy anything, whatever it takes, for our kids but we have to take care of ourselves too. I can’t intensify how significant self-care is and I realized that just recently.

The thing is, we are mortified to ask money from our partners. Is it just me, or anyone else too? There are plenty of stuff I’d want to buy, and that I could’ve bought for myself if I was working. I missed the shopping, the makeups, the new clothes. It made me who I was.

One day, Dreu and I were at SM shopping for presents (for T’s office). I saw the handbag that I’ve been wanting for long. It’s my chance.  When T’s around, he would always want to buy something for me but I don’t prefer that. I wanted to buy something for myself.

That moment, I badly wanted to buy the bag but I don’t have cash with me. Aside from the one I spent on coffee (Hello CBTL! :)).

I wished I could purchase it through installment. I’m a simple mom, I don’t do Credit Cards. Light bulb moment, I remembered I was approved ₱1,000 GCredit from my G-Cash App. And the bag was on 50% off, so it dropped to ₱890 only. (actual price is ₱1.799)

While the lady next to me tries to talk me off – how the bag doesn’t suit me because I have a child, blah blah blah. I told the saleslady that I’m getting it. She was very patient with me as I am having trouble getting an internet connection inside SM Department Store.

We went to the cashier, I scanned the Gcash QR and paid through GCredit. Finally! I was able to get the bag I loved. It felt so good. Never felt that good in a long time. I was able to finally buy a thing on my own without somebody else’s permission, and boy it felt great!

I know I could’ve used the credit for groceries or more essential stuff but rewarding yourself is a must.

It makes you feel “YOU.”

This is something moms should prioritize – paying ourselves. It’s not selfish to make yourself a priority.

The next thing I’m gonna be worrying is how to pay the credit but thank goodness for installment and a 5% interest, it’s not gonna be that hard.

How do you usually pay yourself? Do you reward yourself as a mom?

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