Gcash Maya Financial Apps review

Personal Experience with GCash & Maya (Formerly PayMaya)

How these supposed hassle-free digital financial apps are causing so much stress

I just got to Cavite last Tuesday and ever since coming here I’ve been using the famous financial apps – Gcash and Maya (PayMaya), and using these digital bank/financial apps, they’ve been a pain in the arse. 

Let me just give you a short history. Maybe about 3 years ago, I started using Gcash because it’s supposed to be easy to use and should be hassle-free digital banking. Just this year too, I started using PayMaya. 

Digital banking is now the trend and admit it or not it’s great to not hold cash and have a record of every transaction you do in your digital bank app. 

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

I’ve been having some bad experience lately with these apps and Maya, which was formerly PayMaya is in beta mode and has been a hassle ever since. 

ATM did not dispense my cash from my PayMaya VISA Card and has been taken out of my account. 

This happened 2 days ago when I tried to get cash from ATM using my PayMaya VISA card. While I never had issues before, this time, the ATM did not dispense my cash. 

And because I was a Fraud Specialist for a bank before, I know that if this happens, it should be adjusted right away or manually on the system. The system will have a record of where and when the transaction happen and what the error is. I waited for a day and also submitted a report on the same day to let them know that this happened. 

They replied to the ticket right away and asked for all the necessary details. They never got back to me when I sent that email 2 days ago. So I tried other means of communicating with them, which is through chat. 

PayMaya’s chat support has been everything except helpful. The agent keeps telling me that the amount has been reversed, but it hasn’t and they’ve done nothing on their end to give me my money back. 

And you know what’s the worst thing about their chat support in the app? You can’t go back to your app to check your transaction history or any details because the chat will be disconnected. And if it happens, then you have to start again and talk to another representative.

They’ve given me a case number and I also made a follow up on my email, but my money hasn’t been back yet. I’ll update this once this has been resolved but it has been a terrible experience so far. Customer service should be easy to talk to, and they really need to work soooo hard on that.

QR Payments through GCredit takes so long to be processed and would not give you notification that it has failed

But instead, would debit the account from your GCredit Limit and would not tell you if the transaction has been succesful or not.

I was at Mr. DIY the other day and decided to use GCredit instead for my payment as I forgot to bring enough cash. I scanned the QR, paid thru GCredit and it went through but the cashier never got a text message. We waited for several minutes but it never pushed through. It should be fine if it showed that it failed and I could pay using my other card, however, it was deducted, and I don’t want to get double charged. After waiting for almost 15 minutes, the cashier still hasn’t got the message (if it failed or not) so I decided to just let it be and paid using my other card. 

I submitted a ticket and they told me that it did in fact failed. Have I received a notification, I could’ve left the store right away and paid using other means. 

I am not familiar with how app development works but instead of having hassle-free transactions, It’s harder instead so think I’d resort to using cash in the meantime.

Just a quick quick update about my personal experience with GCash and Maya.

  • They have both upgraded their looks and added new services.
  • I don’t use them as often as I used them before. It’s still easier to pay using my MasterCard because I know if I would encounter problems, it would be easier to talk to bank support than the customer support of these digital banks. I have nothing against them, I just think that their process is a but time-consuming than the banks.
  • Both Digital Banking Apps, have their own pros and cons. To each his own. If you love them, good for you. But as of the moment, I am not changing my mind about both of them.