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February 11, 2019With Love, From Sza

This is my first life lately this year and it’s waaaaay past January! Hello Feb! January has been soooo long and February came fast! It’s the second week already!

~ a very rare selfie ~

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This week has been life-changing for me. Okay, not really. Lol! But it was better than some other weeks I imagined.

Not as life changing as one of Daenerys’ dragon being one of the White Walkers (Game of Thrones addiction lol!) but changes took place, and I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and tried to do something that I know would be beneficial for me and my family for a long time but I was just too afraid to try.


T and I decided to get house-help. I say house-help because she looks after Dreu and she cleans the house too. Don’t worry she’s not overworked.

The moment I’ve experienced how hard motherhood is – how easily I get tired even when my chores aren’t that much, how exhausting it is to look after a two-year-old boy, how depressing and demotivating it is to be always alone because your partner’s at work and you just stay home feeling incompetent, how I wanted to do a lot of things but can’t because I just can’t do it all.

Thankfully, T don’t want me getting tired too much (char! Haha!) but I am so blessed to have a partner who would want to help me and wanted to lighten my load. Not that he WOULD help me but he knew I needed help. He knows I’m not kind of person who would do the house “work” but I still try anyway. He knew better (and I do too now) that our relationship and our lives would be so much better with help.

So we finally decided to get help and tried our luck thru social media. Apparently, agencies charge a lot and we don’t know anyone else. She came this month and she seems nice and approachable.

Our main priority is for someone to look after Dreu while we work (I’m itching to get some corporate work) and someone to help me tidy the house. I don’t require her much but she does it anyway.

Experience wise she’s good, she does her job well, she’s good with Dreu and she’s turning 18 which is what I wanted. I’d prefer having a young maid so it would be easier for me to talk and give my commands to. I’m just 24 and I wouldn’t be comfortable talking to someone older than me. She’s with us for a week and I had more rest than ever. I’m not really sure what the setup would be once I started working but it was a good decision to hire someone and had her start while I’m still home so Dreu won’t feel estranged. I just have to work on my trust for her. 


I tried processing Dreu and mine’s PSA Birth Certificate at SM. I was glad they have it because it would be the easiest way to get a  copy (not the fastest apparently) but convenient I should say. So we went to SM straight into their Business Center. I filled out 2 forms (one for me, the other for Dreu), and paid a total amount of 360php. It was a fast process but It would take 10 business days for me to claim it which is fine as I’m not in a rush. Also, I really hate waiting in long lines, with a kid, so I’d rather have it this way. 

I’d share the updated price for processing down below.

~SM new service fee for PSA processing ~


LOL! Not me but Daenerys or Jon probably? *spoiler alert* Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. *gasps* I can’t wait. Haha! T had me hooked up with Game of Thrones. He was watching it since I was pregnant and I never gave a d*mn because I was preoccupied with Serena Van Der Woodsen and Meredith Grey at that time. Unexpectedly, I’m now in love with this TV series and have been itching to kill Cersei Lannister since then, if only I could.

And because I was doing lesser chores than before, I now have more time to binge so I can catch up for the upcoming season 8 this April 2019.

I finished it just today and all I’ve been wishing is “April, please come soon.” 

Kahlua Kioki

~that boy just won’t sit ~

We discovered a little coffee shop near our subdivision and since it’s nowhere near the highway, we tried looking for it last week and we got into a different subdivision which was too far from us. We passed by a literal rice fieldI’m serious! I hated Yelp because of it, wrong info!

So we finally saw it and we spent Sunday afternoon with Ukoffee. It’s Dreu’s 26th month and we decided to have coffee to celebrate it! The little boy has grown too fast.

T tried their Kahlua Kioki which is a milkshake with a Kahlua Vodka, whipped cream and smores on top – tasted good actually! I got the Mochaccino as I bet it’s the only other good tasting coffee out of their menu. We also tried their Cheezy Onion Rings, which is technically not an Onion Ring but rather a Cheezy Onion Tots. I’d say it was not what I expected, in a very negative way and the price of that tot is waaaaayyyyy higher than it should be. I mean, that was just I thought, 8 tots for 89 pesos. I’d say it should be somewhere around the 49-59 price range.

~that’s the Cheezy Onion Tots~

Overall, it was a not-so-busy week as I already got help and happy with it. I’d say I was recharged and now I know I would be able to do things more beyond my comfort zone.

I hope it would be an awesome week for you as well. Happy Mondays and xoxo!

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