Learning Fondant & 12 Things

December 5, 2018With Love, From Sza
Dreu’s birthday is coming up and I’ve been so busy planning it.
A lot has been crossed out of my checklist last week and another weekend happened.
So here I am, super duper excited to share my 12 things:


I’ve learned fondant making through the help of my awesome friend YouTube and I‘ve never felt so proud of myself in a long time. Having a teeny tiny trouble decorating, turning it into those cute miniature designs as I don’t have the tools for it. Overall, it was nice to learn a new thing. When we age, we don’t learn as much because we get used to the things we already know. Let me tell ya, it’s never too late to learn a new hobby, a new craft or a new instrument. Try girl.



The party supplies had arrived (I ordered them from Shopee-pee-pee-pee-pee-pee-pee) and I am so thrilled.  Dreu’s turning two, another year has gone by and new adventures are coming up his age. I am excited for his simple birthday celebration, and itching to share to you how I do it on a very limited budget. Because tbh, I’m not one to spend grand on a birthday.



I’ve been so guilty lately feelin’ like I’ve been so tired and that I need to do something ASAP to get out of the rut, but eventually I realized that Dreu won’t stay a baby (we’re getting his clothes in the 2T size already, yay!) and I’d be able to have my life a little too soon. Patience my dear. Patience.



Daddy Tee has been helping me on how I manage my tasks on a daily basis as I get so overwhelmed and stressed on how things need to be done. I am working on my time block and I am so happy he lessens my load by helping with some chores and reminding me to “rest” every now and then.



I’m not quite sure if Dreu was sleepwalking or was too excited to play at 3 in the morning. I was appalled and scared. You know what they say in those hours right? Yieeee scaryyyy!


We love the Booky app like suuuuuper! We had our weekly fam day yesterday at SM Bacoor (which was chock-full of people, hardly had room to breathe) and Daddy Tee and I needed our caffeine fix so we tried the Booky App for the first time and we were able to score 2 Medium-sized coffee with 2 glazed donuts at Krispy Kreme for 129php. What a steal! You can download it here.



Currently obsessed with the Relief Hot Compress bag we bought at SM Surplus! I never thought it’d be that good! Hey monthly period, bring it on!


Shoutout to Google Calendar and Trello for helping me with my tasks this week. I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my productivity and I feel like I’ve been spending more time slouching and complaining that doing. Soooooo, the time blocks and checklists on my boards have been very helpful.



I recently discovered Reddit and amazed at how great are the people there. I was able to read deep and relevant discussions with factual information that people on other Social Media sites like FB and Twitter would never think of.  I’m addicted, I think.



I discovered a great medication for my dark spots and pimples. It’s a home staple that I’ve just read about and I am trying it for the past week. I am yet to discover if it really works and I am so excited to share it with you.



Terrence and I were having a discussion about a Facebook post saying that there’s no advantage in getting the SM advantage card. While we were there, a mom was buying a hoodie for his teenage son and she’s expecting to pay a little around 799php. When asked for her SMAC, she presented it and the price dropped to 499php! Well, Sir, try to shop at Surplus and you’d get greater deals than you’ve signed up for! I mean, hellooooo? The hot compress we bought was at 399php and the price dropped to 199php with the SMAC – I already got my ROI for that item alone. I never should’ve told Terrence – that extra hundred could’ve been mine. Hahaha! I should go back there.

Got this from Surplus too. 100php



Blessings came our way and we are so grateful about it. In fact, Terrence gave me an extra this month and I don’t know if I should spend it for myself. A beauty treat perhaps? Rebond? Mani-pedi? Facials? Makeups? I’ve been so careful how I spend my extra money. It may be extra but doesn’t really mean an extra expense has to be incurred. But…. a hair rebond would be useful. hahaha!


So there, my 12 things for the week. I will be sooooo busy this coming week but I’ll try to give more updates real soon!
Happy holidays everyone!

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