The Best Part of My Day and Why

January 30, 2019With Love, From Sza

I will be writing prompts here like a journal, every day. Aside from my blog posts, my blog was made originally for me to have an avenue to express my thoughts and emotions. I talk to my blank document sheet and I feel like it understands me more than anyone else. So pardon these posts as they are a bit personal. This is a way to express my self and know myself more.

I have based my prompts from Laura’s Journal prompts here:

Day 1: The best part of my day and why?

My day is nothing special. I have a toddler so I spend most of my time indoors. He doesn’t go to play school yet (in April hopefully, we had him signed up). I wake up every morning just winging motherhood, without any idea what’s gonna happen, and no idea how I’m gonna deal with my day.

This may sound a bit self-indulgent, but I wanted to answer this prompt honestly.

The best part of my day is when Dreu is sleeping at night.

When he sleeps soundly, and I get to have the whole house by myself. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for the entire day. It is the time that I am able to take care of myself. It may sound so selfish but I feel really happy and stress-free during this time. So it’s “ME” time.

This time, I…

  • Do my Skincare Routine.
    • This is simply Micellar Water (whenever I have Make-up On) →Facial Wash → Toner → Moisturizer → Facial Masks when I’m feeling a little extra 💛 Mama’s gotta take care of her skin too.
  • Write in my journal.
    • I love my CBTL 2019 Giving Journal and I plan my days with it. I also write my thoughts about what happened for the day, why I feel frustrated and sad; and why I was happy. Also, I am working on writing about the things I’m grateful for. Honestly, I am a pretty negative person at times, and I am trying my best to be thankful for what I have just so I would feel blessed and content.
  • List down expenses for the day.
    • This year, Terrence and I decided we’d be more mindful about our budget and expenses. It was hard for him to write down his expenses but I make sure I write mine and our daily expenses for like food and miscellaneous.
  • Plan my next day.
    • For me to make sure I don’t mess up the next day, and for me to know the chores I have to do, I write them down, also in my journal. Whether it’s laundry, or we have to go out or have Dreu play outside, I plan it. I am a little disorganized as a person, so just trying to be a better mom and partner.
  • Take a bath.
    • One of my favorites in this time of day = Shower for as long as I could with the doors closed and no toddler lurking. It’s great to sleep feeling so refreshed.
  • Prepare his milk for the morning when he wakes up.
    • As much as possible, I try to clean all his bottles so we’re all ready in the morning. Also, I bring a spare bottle and formula in the bedroom because he asks for it first thing in the morning, and when I needed a few extra minutes to doze off.
  • Watch TV series on Netflix or HBO
    • This is the best time to grab some popcorn, or nuts in my case (Low Carb Lifestyle). I either catch up on my favorite series on Netflix which is Dynasty and/or watch Game of Thrones (Terrence had me hooked up, still on Season 2 though).
  • Cry for no reason
    • I am still overcoming PPD and there are nights that I feel like I have to cry for no reason. I honestly have no idea why. It would just make me feel better. I feel like all my sadness, and worries just go away. I lie down in bed and tears just fall off. Seriously, I’m planning to have myself checked, hopefully by next week.
  • Social media.
    • This is when I scroll through Facebook and IG but this doesn’t really take much of my time. I’m neither a fan of Facebook nor IG, really.
  • Pinterest
    • This. Aside from watching TV series, this takes up a lot of my favorite time. I love browsing through other Mom’s ideas and blog posts and little did I know, I’ve been reading through their entire blog already or subscribing to their email list.
  • Edit things on my blog or write a content
    • This is also the best time to do something for my blog. I am actually writing this prompt in my best part of the day. No distraction, no yelling, no crying. I can focus, list down the things I needed to do, topics to write down, all that stuff.

These are the things I do at that time which makes it my favorite time of the day. I feel me. I feel like it’s the time I get to be so well rested. It’s like the tiredness just goes away and it feels so amazing.

I will write another prompt for tomorrow and I can’t wait to share my thoughts.

How about you? What’s the best part of your day and why?

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