International British Academy Open House Event

February 22, 2019

Every year, the International British Academy holds their Open House affair–an event where families are invited to visit their campus to learn about I.B.A. and what they offer. It’s an avenue that gives families a first-hand look at their facilities and to familiarize themselves with the unique curriculum, programme of activities, and the welcoming community.

Last Saturday, February 16, I was invited to join their Open House event at their newest Early Years Centre at Salawag, Dasmariñas, Cavite. This event is especially exciting as they gave us a tour to their brand new facility located in Salawag, Cavite–the site where the new campus will be developed in the near future.

The International British Academy (IBA) was founded as a school in November 2001, to provide a British education for English-speaking students of all nationalities from age three to seventeen.

The school believes that while striving for academic excellence, it is crucial to bring out what is best in each child. The competent, dedicated and caring teachers guide students to develop their full intellectual, creative and physical potential with goals of fostering self-esteem, independence, intellectual curiosity, and moral character.

When we got there, we were welcomed by the Academy’s headmaster Mr. Bryan Riddin and was then introduced to Ms. Divine who gave us a tour in the school.

International British Academy EYC - With Love From Sza - This is Ms Divine showing us the rooms and explaining their approach.
This is Ms Divine showing us the rooms and explaining their approach.


This is the approach used by IBA for their Early Years Education. Its approach is that how a child learns is just as important as what a child learns and this is taken into consideration when they’re planning for the projects and activities for the kids on a term.

The approach focuses on social interaction and have the children discover themselves in their own area of growth. Unlike the traditional method of Filipino learning where teachers follow a specific curriculum and force the child to learn it, this method builds on what the child already knows, extending their skills to develop their confidence. And as I saw, this approach is more inspiring for the child to learn.

This is one of their classroom setup in Reception (4-5 years old)
This is a prepared environment for nursery. They promote messy play.

I saw it with Dreu while we were there. He knew what he wanted and he played more of it than the other materials presented. Through their approach, he will learn to enhance his skills, per se, painting and the teachers will serve as a guide for the child to deepen his knowledge and understanding.

The school wanted the kids to learn while having fun. So instead of the usual, learning the ABC and numbers, they wanted to make sure the kids love the things while learning at the same time.

They let kids fall in line with this guide on their way outside the classroom. This is what the school corridor looks like. Isn’t that cute?
cuteeee pots

Besides the classrooms, they bring the kids to the outdoor learning area where there is a pool, a garden, and a playground. This is where they experience learning outside the four corners of their classrooms.

The Playground, Garden and Pool Area for outside learning

The kids get to have their little garden and little tools. The kids water their plants every day, watch it grow and document it happen up through harvesting. They even cook it for the kids. This means that the academy wanted the kids to learn not just academically but through real-life experiences as well.

The garden. Those are lettuces.
They got pool parties too.


And since they wanted the kids to learn through real-life experiences, they have an Experiential Learning Center where they will have practical contact and observation of the things. They will truly encounter the things that were taught.

Science Learning Area


The kids would also be aware of their part in the community because they have this little community for the kids. It has fire stations, hospital, market, supermarkets and the like.

Lastly, these are the best school practices that I truly love:

💛 A unique curriculum incorporating key aspects of the curriculum of England and Wales

💛 Low Student to Teacher Ratio which means they are focused

💛 Since they got 2 teachers even for just 10 students, the kids get close pastoral.

💛 And of course, air-conditioned rooms.

Where is the IBA Early Years Centre located?

The Salawag Campus currently houses those levels while the Primary and Secondary levels (grade school to high school) are located at the Imus Campus (along Aguinaldo Highway).

How to contact them?

You may contact them here:

Tel: (046) 471-5922 or email them at

You may also visit their website here.

They are pretty accommodating so it will not be hard to ask questions from them.

International British Academy Dasma Campus Open House

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