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If you’re new here, welcome welcome!


I started this blog way back 2018 when I was struggling with motherhood and my environment. We moved to Cavite and it was kind of overwhelming, specially with a baby. The only way for me to articulate my emotions is through writing them down without judgment from people around me. Hence, I blogged.

After blogging for a year, I started working with brands and companies like Travelbook, International British Academy, Contractubex, Millenial Moms Ph and other brands as well. I tried connecting with moms in the blogging community and it was amazing, but then I suddenly lost inspiration, can’t grasp reality and still hasn’t been able to adjust here in Luzon.

I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder with Anxious Distress and Adjustment Disorder.

My Psychiatrist’s recommendation

My mental health has struggled and I can’t find a way to cope. I hate waking up, su*cide was on my cards and overall, I just hated my life. As a Psychology Major, I know something’s up so I decided to take a break from blogging, social media and asked for help.


I started therapy and was initially diagnosed with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder but after 3 sessions, I was referred to a Psychiatrist where I started with my medication for depression and anxiety.

I took my sweet time.


After a year of medication, I felt better already and life is falling into place so I decided it’s time for me to write again. What really pushed me was when I was looking for reviews from moms or inspirational stories from moms who struggled and wanted to read how they managed their overwhelming lives, all I see on their social media feeds are ads, promoting brands and I can’t even distinguish reality from fiction.

So here I am, ready to write again.

Hello WordPress, I’m back!
I really want to help moms who lack direction and purpose, afraid to ask questions or just need someone to talk to.

Feel free to send a message on my Facebook Page or just read on over the blog. See ya!

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