I’m back. For real this time.

I’ve received so many emails and messages if I’m still blogging. There are brands who contacts me asking if they should keep me on their list or not.

I stopped. I really did. I did not renew my website domain, I lost the entire content of my website and all the hard work before, was gone. I was sad at it at first but it was actually a result of my depression and anxiety.

When I started my blog way back 2018, it’s supposed to be an outlet for my thoughts. I was alone in Luzon, I have no one to talk to, motherhood was new and it felt so alone. It was also the time I started learning website development so it was a great avenue to practice creating a website. I didn’t expect that I’d be able to work with amazing brands such as Klook, Contractubex, International British Academy, Millenial Moms PH, and a lot more. It was a great journey and I can’t wait to start again.

Some people would say, blogging is dead. Tiktok, Facebook and Instagram is the thing now. But personally, I still love reading blogs. I still love learning about what goes on in the lives and minds of people who are not comfortable sharing in social media. I still read blogs until now and I think whatever happens to those social media sites, your blog is yours and no one can take it away from you (unless of course you mess up like I did and lose all your content).

I tried Facebook and posted there mean and one of my posts actually blew up. But then there were some mean comments that resulted to panic attacks and I don’t want to read comments anymore. I also stopped posting and actually deleted the entire content of my With Love From Sza Facebook Page.

I loved blogging. I still do. I love creating my website, designing and developing it. It’s my day job but it still is different to write about your thoughts, without fear and judgement. In my blog, people may comment and I can delete when I can. I can filter what goes on here and it’s just the best place for me.

So a little update while I was away:

  • I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder with Anxious Distress, consistent with Adjustment Disorder and PTSD. My god, there’s a lot to unload and my first session with my therapist was the best ever. Because of this, I was referred to a Psychiatrist who prescribed me medication so I can function normally. I am far from my standard of normal but it’s better than I’ve ever been.
  • We finally bought a house in a great subdivision here in Trece Martirez, Cavite. Still an adjustment for me which is really hard but I’m trying so hard at it.
  • I am now working from home for different industries as a Digital Marketing Manager. I mainly handle social media strategies, graphic design, website development and everything in between. I am happy to say that I am earning triple of what I was earning before.
  • I worked for OnlineJobsPh as an instructor and they hired me to create a tutorial for WordPress 101 for Virtual Assistants. I never really thought I’d be great at it but I am, actually, and I am so proud of myself.
  • Dreu’s about to go to Kindergarten this year and we enrolled him to Summer Camp.
  • I dyed my hair and it was awesome. I feel like myself again.
  • I also started wearing makeup again. The confidence is coming back despite gaining weight.

I know there’s still a lot but these are what happened in my life so far. I am hoping (and actually, promising) that I continue my blog not for the readers but for myself too. It’s my small space in the internet where I can unload all my emotions, stress and unpopular opinions.

There are a lot of stuff I search on the internet that no one talks about like reviews on apps or places and In my opinion, people writing on their blog is actually preferable than those that talk about it on social media. The thing that was I was missing on the web, is what I hope to fill in.

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