How Our Kids Can Help Save The Planet

February 19, 2019With Love, From Sza

I’ve been traveling to and fro Manila and one of the things that disgust me is the dirty environment. It may be because I grew up in Davao which is a very clean city with disciplined people, and took my secondary education at Puerto Princesa, Palawan which was cleaner and greener than anywhere I’ve been. So, when I first set foot in Manila, the dirty surrounding irks me.

And just recently, one unexpected thing happened in the history of the Philippines. Manila Bay has been cleaned! Thanks to the current administration and people from government and non-government organizations who helped with the Manila Bay cleanup. Here’s what it looks like after the cleanup.

Isn’t that amazing? That’s a very clean bay walk. I’d love to visit sometime. Hope it stays clean.

Our generation was one of the worst. We never really cared and took emphasis on how we could take care of mother earth as if we don’t have plans on living on it for a while. You and I may not have been a part of that cleanup but if we plan to live on a better planet then we should start it at home, with ourselves and even our kids.

Most especially the kids. Our children would be living on this Earth for more years than us and who doesn’t want a better place for them to live in? Disciple and learning starts at our very home and it is our responsibility as parents to instill our child with traits that would help us save the planet.

I’ve put together ways we could teach our kids to be more responsible in taking care of our planet.

Conserve Energy

♡ Train your kids to sleep at night with the lights turned off. Start them young. If they’re used to turning the lights off, it will be a habit they would bring on for years. Once you say goodnight, turn the lights off and that would signal them that it’s time to sleep while conserving energy at the same time.

♡ Teach them to use a glass when brushing their teeth so water won’t be wasted.

♡ You can also make it into a little game if your kids are a bit older. Ask them to walk around the house and let them identify items that are being plugged in but not in use. Give them a reward for identifying it and teach them that appliances not being used should be unplugged.

♡ Do not let them open the fridge as well. If they want something, they can ask you or their yaya so they won’t waste energy.

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Reduce Waste

♡ Pack a waste-free lunch for them. Avoid letting them bring biscuits and cupcakes with plastic wrappers at school. This way, they can avoid throwing it anywhere. You can purchase biscuits in buckets and tub just like the ones we always see at our grandma’s house like this one. You can reduce waste from plastic wraps, plus you can reuse the bucket as well.

♡ Reuse papers and art materials. If the other side of the paper is blank, they can use it for notes and drawings. This way, we can help save the trees. You can also buy eco-friendly recycled materials to let them understand the importance of it. I recently made the switch and usually buy recycled notebooks and boxes like this one from Papemelroti.

♡ You can also use reusable zip locks when storing food at home or for them. Let them see you’re setting a good example for them. Daiso and Japan Home offers cheaper pack of zip locls.

No waste lifestyle is hard so we can at least by reducing waste.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

Pockets are for small trash

♡ Do not allow them to just throw their biscuit’s plastic wrap anywhere. Teach them to find a garbage can first, if not available then they can keep it in their pockets either in their pants or bag. Have them throw it once they see a garbage bin or when you get home.

Tell them to spread the word

♡ Ask your kids to share the habit with their classmates and friends. The more children know about it, the more we can make a difference to the planet.

And who knows? We will have a cleaner, greener planet after all.

Isn’t that simple? Let’s all help our planet, and let’s teach our children to keep it clean.

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