Health and Wellness Plan for 2019

January 9, 2019With Love, From Sza

It’s already 2nd week of January and I haven’t tried any diet or food control yet. I know I’ve been gaining weight,  particularly on the holidays. I was eating a lot and when I say a lot like 4-5x White Bread and Peanut Butter plus lunch and dinner. Not to mention the snacks like chocolates, ice creams, and cakes.

I badly wanted to lose weight but my stress as a mom just makes me want to eat everything, and drink all the coffee in the world. Honestly, I’ve been losing my self-confidence so if you’re wondering why I don’t post selfies as much as before, that’s because I feel so fat. I may not be going beyond 55kls but I usually just weight around 48 kilos so going above 50 is much for me.

I have decided to lose weight and my goal is for me to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes. I’m back to Medium as of now, but still aiming for that small size.

I plan to have this lifestyle for a month first and proceed if it serves me best.

1. Count my calorie intake.

I started counting my calories since last week and I am not going beyond 1,500 calories for me to lose weight. I was consuming around 2,000 to 3,000 calories last year so I’m watching what I eat. I write them down in my journal so I can monitor it and this has been helping me so far. Because I never should’ve eaten that extra bar of chocolate. -_-

2. Low-Carb

I decided to not really restrict myself with meal plans that has too many rules and too many limited foods. This time I made sure I am NOT eating rice, white rice in particular, and anything white: Bread, donuts, cakes. I have to control sugar and carbs this time. I am not too fat but I really need to lose a little weight and discipline myself. So far so good, been two days not eating rice and honestly, my energy’s a little low but I know I’m still adapting.

3. Workout

I’ve been consistently working out for a week now and it feels good. Even my partner bought me workout clothes and undergarments to make sure I stick with it. I’m not really good at sticking myself with workouts. I’ve done it before and it feels great to sweat and my energy level has been so high.

I am motivated to follow these, and I’m pretty sure I’ll survive. Lol! So, these are my lifestyle changes this year and I am so excited for a healthier 2019.

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