God’s Delays Are Not God’s Denial (+ small victories I celebrate as a MOM)

July 1, 2019With Love, From Sza

It’s been awhile since I last felt that I was able to achieve something. I never thought my outlook on “achievement” would change as the years go by.

When I was younger, achievement for me is always being on top or win the quiz bee or be a top agent or get promoted. Now I realize, life’s not all about those ideas of achievement or success. It’s all about being happy, doing things that make you happy or buying things that make you happy.

Being a mom and having a family, my idea of achievement now comes with a home, home decor buying groceries and furniture.

But sometimes, not everything we ever wanted happens.

Tee and I have been planning to invest in some furniture or home stuff since we moved to our unit. We know it’s not ours yet so we can’t do everything we want as of the moment. However, we can always invest on home furniture that we could use for a long time. We decided to get ourselves a dining set. This dining set will be one of our first investments. We want it and we needed it, so it’s a win-win.

Yesterday, we finally decided to jump the gun and buy that dining set we’ve been eyeing to purchase at Landmark Makati. So we decided to go there. When we got to the home section, it wasn’t there. We searched for alternatives and discussed our options but I don’t want to settle for less and I don’t want to purchase anything that’s on sale just for the sake of buying.

At that moment, I felt the sadness in Tee’s eyes, the same sadness I was feeling the exact same moment.

We had coffee at Seattle’s Best to have a little relaxing moment because we truly were sad. Btw, I love their Black and White Coffee. We then decided to go to SM Makati to check if there’s a good dining table (or at least those that would be in our budget). NO LUCK.

Tee and I were both disappointed so we decided to buy something else we needed. Just to feel as if we’ve achieved something that day (well, aside from going to the mall without the kiddo).

We settled to buy a dish drainer instead, and guess what? I’ve been in love with that thing ever since. It was Tee who chose the design when I was hesitant.

Feeling a bit satisfied, we headed home and decided to drop by SM Bicutan to do some grocery shopping. It’s the time of day when I need to refill the tank, I mean, fridge of course.

I always love doing my groceries at SM Hypermarket so we went there. Of course, we checked as well if there were dining sets and to our surprise…


My goodness, I spent all those hours walking and being sad when all I ever wanted was here. Without a doubt, we bought it. Right then and there.

I was so elated and I’ve never felt that happy in a long time.

And then I realized, “GOD’S DELAYS ARE NOT GOD’S DENIALS.”

We weren’t able to purchase what we were looking for initially but then He still gave it to us at a way better price with a lot of discounts.

Imagine, we only paid ₱4,500 plus ₱350 delivery fee. We thought its gonna cost us ₱6,000 – ₱7,000 max.

Right after we’re done with groceries, we went home and waited for it to be delivered. I fell asleep waiting (well, because I was up since yesterday’s shift so I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours). I woke up this morning and we already have our dining set already.

soon, I’m buying a table cloth and a pillow for the chair 😊

I feel so thankful to God, for always being there to light us up when we badly needed it, for Tee who paid for the set (LOL!) and for always making sure that we have we needed, for our helper who looked after Dreu while we were searching for the best dining set, and for Dreu of course, being our inspiration.

It’s been a while since I felt that “happy.” I had Postpartum Depression and I suffered much of it that I never felt happiness in my life for a long time.

Small things like this one has been my happiness since becoming a mom. Truly, perspectives change and it’s good to celebrate life’s small victories.

If you have a small crisis and you feel like God’s not there, always remember that sometimes, He wants you to wait for some reasons:

  • He wants to test your faith
  • He wants to bless you more
  • Or sometimes, He just wants to test your character.

So learn to celebrate small victories like:

  • Having a cup of coffee while it’s hot
  • Having your period on time
  • Sleeping for more than 5 consecutive hours
  • Having extra cash for makeup
  • Your little one had a nap 4 hours straight
  • or whenever you bought small furniture for your home

Motherhood is hard, let’s learn to live with it and trust Him.

How about you?

What’s your weird happiness today?

Have you experienced the same blessing God has given me today?

I’d love to hear from you.


I'd love to hear from you.

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