Dreu Turned 2

December 13, 2018With Love, From Sza
How time flies soooo fast. I feel like he’s still a little baby but in reality, I can barely keep up with him – his endless energy and cuteness overload. I was just planning about his birthday and now here it is. 

Months before his birthday we were planning a night out at the condo just the three of us, swimming and have Dreu play at Kidzoona on the next day. Plans changed and yours truly, trying to practice the creative spirit in me wanted to have a simple dinner and decors at home and invite family and close friends on his birthday.

I decided to go for a McQueen decoration because Dreu’s been in love with cars lately and I’m sure he’ll love it. I prepared the decors weeks before as I don’t want to shop last minute. I bought the metallic balloons, banderitas and curly ribbons online at Shopee.

I also wanted to have small letter standees on the table so I bought cardboard letters and painted it black.

I baked the cake or steamed rather. As a frugal mom that I am, I don’t have the budget to buy pricey customized cakes so I made one. It was my first time so pardon the design. Lol! The chocolate cake with the number two and sprinkles was actually quite good.

The big letter 2 bursted and we have to find an alternative. I was sad but that’s fine.

I was so busy that day that I forgot to take photos of the food and the celebrant himself. Wew!


Since it’s Dreu’s birthday, we wanted to make sure the celebrant will have fun. It’s his day after all.

We spent the day at SM Mall of Asia. We had a simple lunch and we had Dreu play at the Inflatable play area in the middle of Entertainment Mall. I actually forgot to get the name. Lol. *I promise to get it for you next time*

And I was right, he had fun. He laughed and laughed and played with other kids, even the ones older than him. He bumped himself in those big balloons and ran over and over again.

I wasn’t able to last 30 minutes with him. I told ya, I can’t keep up with him, so Terrence and I swapped.

He never slept while we were roaming around SM. We went shopping, bought some things, had coffee, played at Tom’s world where he had super fun at the small Ferris wheel. Luckily, he behaved and didn’t have a tantrum. I guess limiting his screen time works.

We thank God for giving us the opportunity to be with our son and experience first hand his growth and nurture him to be a fine young man.

Dreu, you are awesome. Don’t let other people tell you you’re not. You are amazing in your own little way and we are blessed to have a wonderful son like you. I am so excited for the years I would be able to spend with you.

If you wanted to have a simple birthday party at home, here are the things you would need:

Balloons: I suggest get the metallic ones they’re prettier than the ordinary balloons

Foil Balloon: We had the 2ft balloon which was cool. You can either have a “Happy Birthday” or the age or name.

Cake: You can buy one (Goldilocks and Red Ribbon make great cakes), or you can make one if you like.

Food: Make sure to have rice (we’re Filipinos, you know that’s something we can’t live without), simple course meal like fried chicken, Pork Menudo, Spaghetti, Palabok or Lumpia. Or if you wanted to be extra, you can have your own specialty. It’s a special day after all.

Paper plates, disposable spoons, and forks: this saves you time to clean up

Soft Drinks: we bought the small bottled ones. No waste of plastic cups.


1. Bring your stroller or rent one. It can be a hassle carrying your little one. They get heavy too fast.

2. Bring extra clothes so they can change after playing.

3. Make sure to have sanitizers ready.

4. Wipes, lots of wet wipes.


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