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March 3, 2019With Love, From Sza

Hello Sunday! It’s been a boring one for me cuz I just stayed home this weekend + PMS. The shark’s coming. Hormones are acting up much! But recently, I am so proud of myself #selflove 😂 for blogging consistently and having drafts in batches. Which means whenever I feel like my blog has been sitting for a while, I have something to put on my blog.

It has been a busy week but weekend was lousy and I haven’t written any “Life Lately” post because nothing’s really interesting for now, but here’s an update on our family and a lot of things has been happening, in a good direction, steering us towards our goal.

So for this week’s currently:


I recently discovered Big Oven Brownies by Chocovron and I love how chewy & chocolatey it is so I made sure I have stock at home. I know I’m supposed to be on a low-carb diet but this is reserved for my cheat days. ❤️ 

Check it here.


Scandi Playmats

I’ve been wanting to buy this XL Scandinavian styled Playmats from Bonjour baby. I can’t settle for the smaller mats and letter/numbers because they don’t last for Dreu. This one however, is the best mat that should work for us. Check out Bonjour Baby’s IG for details.


Currently reading “Overcoming Depression for Women.” I’m actually done with it but I love reading it again. It makes me understand more about women and the things we go through. I also love how this book helps me understand myself more as a woman who fought depression. Let me know if you wanted me to share it with you. I will be more than happy 💛


I just finished “Game of Thrones” the other week and while I’m waiting for Dynasty’s next season, I am now watching for the nth time “The Good Wife.” I don’t know, I just can’t get enough of Will Gardner.


The past few days I was having trouble with Dreu’s sleeping pattern so I’ve researched and looked into something that would help me. I stumbled upon essential oil blends,  the one in the roller bottle. So I decided to give it a try and I am loving it. So far with my experience, it helps with Dreu’s sleeping patterns and I am so excited to try other blends.


I’m not in the luxury of buying new clothes right now because I did not start my new job yet but I would probably be buying new clothes because I would need it. In a corporate job you really have to dress up and because I wasn’t in the corporate world for quite some time (Thank goodness someone still hired me), most of my stuff are T-shirts and jeans so i’m planning to head over maybe to SM Surplus or Landmark or Divisoria to look for clothes but not the pricey ones.

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