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How To Deal With Your Kid’s Heat Rash


Okay, I’m no doctor here nor medical specialist but I’m sharing based on my experience (would two years be enough? Nope?) Alright, Heat rash or also known as prickly heat are small red bumps appearing on your child’s skin usually during summer or humid season. This usually…

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My Big Bad Wolf 2019 Haul


I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about this Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and so I decided to give it a try. Dreu only got few books that I bought from BookSale (the one at the mall), and so I am very excited to visit the Big Bad…

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How Our Kids Can Help Save The Planet


I’ve been traveling to and fro Manila and one of the things that disgust me is the dirty environment. It may be because I grew up in Davao which is a very clean city with disciplined people, and took my secondary education at Puerto Princesa, Palawan which was cleaner…