6 Budget-friendly Stores to Update Your Momdrobe

March 15, 2019With Love, From Sza

If you’re like me who only has 3 shirts, 2 blouses, a skirt and couple of shorts on my momdrobe, raise your hand. Mmmkay, not really, put that down, you look crazy. Momdrobe? Mom-Wardrobe? See what I did there?

Pregnancy and motherhood changed not just my life, but has also expanded my waistline, my bra-size, my tummy flaps are too visible and my wardrobe is either maternity clothes or 24-inch pants.


I needed to buy new clothes, but my wallet won’t let me. And with our family living on one income for now, I needed to scrimp on my clothing budget. I started this little challenge just recently that whenever I “needed” to buy new clothes, I have to set a specific budget and I should never go over it, say 1,000php.

I was able to do it, and you can too. Don’t you want to look fab even with kids? Let’s beat the “Mom-Stereotypes” on loose & shapeless solid-colored clothing, messy hair, or cute outfit paired badly with unnecessary accessories.

I mean, they’re comfy, aren’t they?

But going to work or a special occasion, we really have to wear something that would make us look more human. We always wanted our kids to be ravishing. We buy them seemly cute and expensive outfits but we look hmmm, not so good. I’m not saying all moms are, but if you’re one of these mom-stereotypes (like me, tbh), we have to pick ourselves up, put on some make-up and do some shopping.

Aside from being a great way to get over mom-burnout, it would also help us be the best version of ourselves. You know, pay yourself.

Where to get new clothes for your momdrobe? Check this out.

I won’t let you break your wallet, don’t worry. I just want to help you update your #momdrobe. You don’t have to buy designer clothing to look dashing and go with the trend. You can still look classy, on a budget.

Here are places where you can get stylish and affordable clothes that you can certainly use for work and would make you look stylish:

1. Thrift Shops


What? Aren’t they out of style? No, wrong! There’s nothing substandard with wearing second-hand clothes and bags. Actually, the thing that I love about ukayukay is that I won’t stumble upon another girl in the mall wearing the same dress as mine. Thrift shops got cool trousers, jackets, cardigans and even heels on a very low price but when washed and styled, it will make you look like $$$!

Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

There are tons of ukayukay/wagwagan stores wherever you go, be it be in the market or even inside malls. I usually shop at the store closer to home but it’s a little pricey (for me) for 80 to 100 a piece. Yet again, comparing that to a branded jacket at the mall, that’s waaaaay cheaper!

Here’s a list of great places where you can score ukayukay items for less:

  • Raberly, North Edsa
  • Anonas Mall, Cubao
  • Pasay along Taft Avenue
  • Olivarez Plaza Tagaytay
  • King Bhats Ukay, Imus, Cavite
  • In your Market
  • In your Neighbor’s Garage

And if you’re one to dive on those new ukay-ukay at Pasay, you can score clothes for 5 pesos. How’s that?

2. Bazaars

Another place to find cheap but chic fashion finds are bazaars. Bazaars usually have an entrance fee of 50-100php but you’ll be able to score items at 50-80% off. Numerous stalls opens up inside bazaars and you can wander around to compare prices.

These bazaars are famous for a reason. They’re really cheap.

  • Trendsetter’s Bazaar
  • Manila Sundance Bazaar
  • Pop Culture Trinoma
  • Glorietta Bazaar

TIP: Do not buy right away when you see something nice. Take your time to look around and check other stores offering a much cheaper price. Most of them has great deals and would sell the same item at Buy 1 Take 1. If you’re with a friend, that’s a steal.

Photo credits from Manila Bazaars

I’ve never been to Trendsetter’s bazaar but I’ve been to Manila Sundance Bazaar at Megamall just last week. I was able to purchase chic but affordable polo-shirts (₱150), blouses (sleeveless ₱59/99 and regular ones ₱150), and cardigans for ₱99.

I spent less than a thousand for like 8-10 clothes. They have swimwear as low as 2 for ₱450. So if you wanted to update your mom-drobe, bazaars are one of the great places to shop.

3. Online Shops

Online shops are prominent nowadays. You can order through your phone and have it shipped directly at home. No hassle and will be delivered right on to your doorstep. One of my favorite online store on Instagram and Facebook is Jukaykay Atbp. Her online boutique showcases her collection of clothes, swimwear, trousers to hair accessories at a very cheap price. Quality is at its best too.

Photo from Jukaykay IG Shop

Shopee sells a variety of clothes as well. Some retailers probably got their items from Taytay and Divisoria and they sell it online, some are even from Bangkok. I always wait for Shopee’s free shipping day and or make sure my total order is ₱500 and up so I won’t spend a dime on courier fee.

4. Flea Market

If you’re a fan of adventure, then you can definitely hit the crowd in a night market at Taytay, Divisoria and Baclaran. It might be a little more jam-packed than your usual mall but you can pick-up some great clothes for a little over 50 pesos.

5. Factory Overruns

Branded staples. Yaaas! and won’t break your bank. If you wanted some fancy apparel on your mom-drobe, you can still have it, even frugally, by taking advantage of factory overrun stores. I have few Mango, Abercrombie, F21, H&M, & Uniqlo blouses from these stores with prices ranging from 100-300 a piece. Not bad huh? Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of Factory Overruns store so don’t hesitate to check what’s inside. They’re worth it.


The Playground Premium Outlet @ Bench Tower BGC

Another store that sells factory overruns. This multi-brand pop-up store sells overstocks & old designs yet branded apparels, underwears, perfumes, sportswear, casual clothes, and even baby stuff (cribs, walker and car seat, seriously). The brands I saw there were Bench, Kamiseta, Cotton On, American Eagle Outfitters, Cath Kidston and many more. They’re like from last year’s trend and are 50-80% off compared to retail outlets at the mall. Nevertheless, if you’re not so particular like me, I’d try and check at The Playground. This is where I buy my sports bra and underwear. Duh, they’re still bench. Lol!Actually, this has been one of my fave shops since.

SM Surplus

I’m pretty sure you’re a bit familiar with this store. Here’s where SM sells their factory overruns that they source from who knows where. The dresses are very chic and elegant, classy and fashionable at best. #GreatFashionFinds Plus, you get the chance to get additional discount if you have your SM Advantage Card with you.

These places are my go-to shops for getting new clothes and I wanted to share it with you so you can buy new outfits too. Stand up, look in the mirror before you go out. Do you still look like a decent human being? Well, if you feel like you needed an upgrade, you know where to go.


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