My Big Bad Wolf 2019 Haul

March 1, 2019With Love, From Sza

I’ve been hearing and seeing a lot about this Big Bad Wolf Book Sale and so I decided to give it a try. Dreu only got few books that I bought from BookSale (the one at the mall), and so I am very excited to visit the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at the World Trade Center.

I know the sale’s open for 24 hours but unfortunately, I can only go on a Sunday – Daddy Tee’s off and all that. The place was crowded and when I say crowded, like REALLYYYYY crowded. When you get there you’d be confused if it’s a line for the checkout or it’s a line of people looking out on books.

Btw, if you go there with a baby or a kid, make sure to bring a stroller with you. Thank me later.

I came in there wishing I could buy books for me, maybe some Sarah Knight books but the Self-Help area seems to be very famous that only a few were left when I got there.

So here are the books, mostly for Dreu that I got at the Big Bad Wolf Sale 🐺:

1. Three Little Pigs by Little Hippo AR (P290)

This book is fun. It has a free app on which the book becomes augmented reality or 4D. Dreu loved it and so do we (this did not exist during my childhood 😂).

2. Let’s Learn Counting by Little Hippo AR (P290) –

So we got another AR book by Little Hippo. This one’s all about numbers.

3. I know my ABC Write + Wipe

I really wanted to get more books for Dreu but I’m stuck with the hard covers and hard pages since Dreu’s still inclined to tear some pages. This one’s a good write and wipe book I got from the sale.

4. Mindfulness on the Go (P230)

this has been on my bag since.

I am so excited to dive to the Self Help area but it’s swamped. Self-Help books seem to be the trend nowadays, or maybe just a lot of people had realized how important it is. So with a little luck, I got this little book. But don’t judge it by its cover and size because the inside should be interesting. I can bring this with me anywhere so I am really excited to read this.

5. Harry Potter Coloring Book

I’ve been looking over tons of coloring books at the Big Bad Wolf Book sale and some of the covers I’m done with like Enchanted Garden and Magic Forest so while I was looking for coloring books I found this. Im a little wizard obsessed and Harry Potter is currently a fave (late-bloomer) so I got this one.

I am planning to go back there if I have the time and maybe look for some good books. I’m currently obsessed with self-help books but secretly wishing there’s a GAME OF THRONES in there.

Did you visit the Big Bad Wolf book-sale? Any great finds? Let me know, maybe I can get it too. 💛 They’ll be there until the 4th of March, so we still have a few days left.

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