A Weekend Update // Holiday Mid-Weekend

November 5, 2018With Love, From Sza

This is the first time I will be posting a Weekend Roundup Post but I wanted this to be a new tradition in my blog. Not only to remember the happy moments on every weekends, but to be thankful on all the blessings God has given me and my family.

My weekend roundup post includes what my family did on the weekend and other things that inspired me throughout the week.

It’s holiday weekend and normal people has days-off from 1st of November until the 4th, then back to work on Monday. Since, we’re not normal people, Daddy has his day of swapped for a midweek off (because someone wants to take his weekend off).

I will start my Weekend Update by Wednesday because this was Daddy’s weekend and my family’s weekend too. Whatever Daddy’s off may be, that day would be our family day. That’s when we go to the mall or have our grocery shopping. My family’s weird.



We went grocery shopping when Daddy arrived and had Lunch at Wendy’s. I had their Salisbury Steak ala Pobre which was delish because it aint like any other burger steaks I’ve tried. Daddy ordered his usual Chicken with Macaroni salad on the side. Dreu shared his meal with me plus he finished a plate of Baked Potato with Bacon Cheese. And must I say, it was really good. I will have that again for sure.

Then, home, we spent the afternoon sleeping. I never got the chance to unpack the groceries because I was so sleepy. I am not sure if it was because of the intermittent fasting I was trying or because 9am at Puregold is too early for me. Btw, I broke my fast at 10 that day because I’m on my first week and I’m still checking what works for me.

When Dreu and I woke up at around 4, I decided to do a makeover at our place. So, I moved furniture and appliances around. I was trying a different setup for our home and it’s still work in progress, up until now. I may make a blog post how that turned out. I mean, I was able to finish moving out the stuff but Im still trying to figure out how I would keep it clean, always, which Is i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e.



This is the only day in the week where we sleep together as a family at night. When we wake up at morning like normal people do and have lunch and bond together.

We had Fried Tilapia and Steamed Okra for lunch. This is my favorite meal, aside from the good food, we ate together as a family and talk while we eat.

Daddy and I spent the afternoon on some Tequila while we Netflix and Chill. We are currently on Season 4 of Grace and Frankie. The series never bores me. That calls for another blog post, I think.

It’s Daddys turn to take care of Dreu so only one of us has the right to get drunk which was me. But 10 shots of tequila wont make you drunk, honestly.

I am aware that these two days weren’t weekends, literally but this is my family’s weekend.

Jumping through the real weekend…


november 3rd

I asked Daddy the night before if he can bring home a slice of cake but the one I wanted is nowhere near his office. Despite that, I happily woke up with a sweet tooth and sweet dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme! I broke my fast because it’s weekend and ate at 8am. I know I’m supposed to control it, but it’s cheat day, Saturday. Reasons!

I am blessed with a happy family where we may not have plenty of money in the bank but we treasure every moment we’re together.

We’re not perfect.

Not even close.

We get into a lot of disagreements, like a lot lately but I l love how Daddy Tee stands by his word and makes sure he has time for me and Dreu every day after work, even on his days off.

I can say he proves to treasure our relationship and constantly assures me that he won’t trade it for anything else. Struggles are there, the unavoidable trials and bumps along the road but a family that helps each other and values the relationship more than pride and ego, makes a long and happy journey.

I hope next weekend’s going to be more exciting and I am looking forward to have more weekends with you.

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