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I always wondered how awesome and stress free my life would be i my baby ain’t fussy and crying all day loonggggg! Can I do something about it? I’m not even sure how all these parenting thing works, so how do I know if my way of fixing works or I’m making things worse?

All I know is that I wanted to get rid of the tantrums and annoying cries.

I know they say it gets easier when they get older but tell that to a mom of a toddler and I’m telling you, “it never gets easier.” I have tried to calm myself, manage my anxiety, researched all the possible schedule that works for moms but some just doesn’t work for me.

I was motivated to reduce the stress out of my young mom life and I may have found a system that works for me and my son where I always remember the things that I have to do and I’ll be able to plan my week.It helped me to be more productive and happier because the house is clean, my son is fed, blog posts have been written, and I still get my daily dose of Netflix.

By following a system, I was able to manage my anxieties, my need to have things done at the right time. It also made a better relationship between me and my partner as I don’t get mad at him anymore when the trash weren’t thrown out.

I realized it’s doable.

Manage your family’s day by following this steps:

Step 1: Observe your Child’s Schedule

Kids are unpredictable. You never know what they’d want next.

However, I have observed that they’d follow what you would set for them.

If you will try to observe your kids, notice that they usually go to sleep and wake up or eat almost at the same time every day.

Take note of the exact time when your child asks for food or milk. In my case, Dreu wakes up at 8:30 in the morning, he picks up his bottle and asks me to make him milk. Then, he’d sit down and silently drink it while I get out of bed and fix myself. It has always been this way for months now and I love how he follows through with it.  Also note of the time when he tends to feel sleepy and takes his nap. Dreu takes his nap at around 2 in the afternoon and sleeps at around 9 in the evening. Yep, he only gives me 1 nap a day!

By knowing your child’s schedule, you can do your house chores by the time he’s less needy. You can schedule to finally tackle the pile of laundry during his screen time or sweep your dusty living room, and in my case – mop my oily floor tile during his naptime.

Step 2: Create a Time Block

Once you were able to now your kid’s schedule, you can now make your schedule while adjusting to his needs.

By creating a time block, you don’t have to follow a specific time and strict schedule. I usually go for something like this:


2-5 PM Nap Time for Dreu, Mommy’s Household chores
5-6 PM Prepare for dinner, Eat Dinner
7-10 PM Playtime, Bath time, Milk, Nursery Rhymes
11 PM Sleeping time, get some  rest

I have realized that Dreu sleeps at 2 in the afternoon so I delay the dirty dishes that needs to be done or laundry to fold.  I do all these when he’s asleep. I usually grab another cup of coffee by that time so I can do something when he’s asleep.

By having a time block, I can do everything within the specific time frame but I don’t have to follow a specific task on a specific time. I feel like I am able to do everything I need to do using this technique.

Step 3: Set a day in the week for a specific house chores

You don’t have to get everything done in one day. The laundry can wait, the bathroom can too.

Juggling through all the house chores plus a kid seems so overwhelming.

If I target one major house chore a day, I feel more satisfied in the weekend plus I have something to look forward to for the morrow, like a homework or something.

You can try doing the Living Room by Monday, Kitchen on Tuesdays, and Laundry on Wednesdays, so on and forth, whatever works for you.

Step 4: Plan your day using a planner or notebook

I love my planner and notebook. It helps me get through the day as it reminds me whenever I have to do something.

I started writing “My Day in Bullets” so I will remember everything that happens in my day yet focusing on the positive side. It helps me analyze what works and what doesn’t. I find it to be so therapeutic. It also sets a good vision for the next day and it keeps me excited.

Step 5: Make sure to follow the schedule you planned

Be consistent in the plan that you’ve made like the time to wake up and the time to sleep.

It sets the tone of the routine. Other things can be jumbled but waking up, sleeping, eating sets you and your kids what to expect.

Allow a week to follow you routine and see if it works for you or the kids. The good thing is that whenever something’s not working, you can swap it out with other things as you take total control of your time and schedule.

Step 6: If needed, print out your finalized routine so you won’t forget anything (optional)

It’s a good thing to have a notebook or planner or have it all scheduled on your phone but for someone like me who tends to forget a lot of things (Blame the anesthesia!), seeing my schedule on the kitchen helps me out a lot.

Step 7: Take advantage of your phone apps

I know I said to write it down on a planner or something but if you’re a very busy mom who doesn’t have her planner with her all the time, utilizing your phone’s calendar, reminders and To-Do List Apps is a great help.

I will let you know what great apps to use on another blog post but I love my iPhone’s built-in applications.

These things may look like a lot but you can try at least one or two. You don’t have to apply everything right away.  Study it and study your family’s activities and schedule. Take an hour before bed to plan your day.

After reading this post, check what time it is and what your kids are doing. Jot it down in your notes/planner. Observe in the morning again. Until you get the schedule and from there you can make your block.

If you have other things that helped you with your family’s system, let me know in the comments below. I am so much willing to learn more about how I could lessen the stress and enjoy being a stay-at-home mom.

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