9 Totally Achievable Parenting Goals in 2019

January 4, 2019With Love, From Sza
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The new year feels like a clean slate for me. It’s like a new blank page of a journal, and it’s up to you to fill it up with awesome memories. It’s also the moment we think of goals, for the year. I personally believe resolutions often end up unrealistic thus they just happen in the first few weeks of the year. But parenting goals just feels much better.

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Goals allow us to take small steps at a time. We can break it down, avoiding pressure for ourselves. It’s like looking towards a finish line and finally achieving something you’ve been longing for.

As a parent, I can say that parenting is very challenging but can be very rewarding most especially when we were able to reach a goal.

And the way we parent matters most.  So to start the year right, I listed down totally achievable #ParentingGoals that I wanted to achieve this year and I know you can too.

1. Unplug more often

Our child needs more attention from us. I am guilty of this. I came to realize that the more time I spend on my phone, the more Dreu seeks for attention. So take time to stay away from your phone and give a few minutes to an hour to be with your child. Play with them in their world. Pretend you’re the villain and they’re the superhero. Because the best thing happens when we’re not paying attention. That email and facebook comment from your friend can wait, your child needs you. Now. So, pick a time when you will be taking care of those notifications and spend your time with your child. #ParentingGoal

2. listen more

I’ve been reading this book: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk and it made me realize how us parents have been reacting to our kids. No matter how young your child may be, listen to him whenever he needed something. Make him feel that he’s not invalidated and instill this to them, even at a young age. You will reap this when they grow up. They will talk to you more about their lives and their feelings, thus, avoiding bullying or harassment, or whatever it is they’re going through. Lending an ear to our little ones won’t take much of our time. Don’t be present just physically but be there mentally and emotionally as well.

3. Self Care

This means being a part and including yourself more in whatever you do every single day. It means writing more in your gratitude journal. This means having more alone time – travel or work. This means getting more nap and more afternoon walk. This means having your nails and hair done while your kids are at home with your husband. Spend more time with friends without bringing your kids. Learn something new. Take time for yourself. You deserve it. That’s hard but it’s one hell of a parenting goal.

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4. Task Management

It’s a great parenting goal to give time to yourself and that’s where task management comes in. Stop stressing. Have a routine. Make a list. Fill that planner you got last Christmas. Say, for example, my laundry, I tend to do them once a week to finish them right away. But I realized, it takes more of my time, my energy and I get so cranky right after because I was tired. Now, I do them every 2 days, on a light load. Thus, I can finish it within an hour and I don’t see a pile of laundry around my house. So I don’t get stressed.

Just do it little by little. Wash the dishes every after meal. Clean the bathroom after a shower. I’d rather spend 15 minutes sweeping the floor than 2 hours of deep cleaning over the weekend.

5. Treasure more moments

What I started in 2018 is a Time Capsule Box. I placed inside unforgettable moments from last year  – like his 2nd birthday candle and his first cinema ticket. I will also be adding his current hand-and-foot prints. It’s impossible to remember every detail of our sweet moments with them so try to keep a remembrance. Make a scrapbook. Print a photobook. Just like this one. Show up on your child’s recital. Be involved in assignments and projects. Be there for them. Just be.

2019 Parenting Goals
Photo from Unsplash

6. Be more patient and understanding

Most especially when they’re throwing tantrums. Imagine yourself in your kid’s shoe. They can barely speak, they can barely tell you what they want and screaming and crying is their only way to get your attention. Normally, we scream and get mad at them for throwing tantrums. Listen first and ask your child what he/she wants. Be more patient. Be more understanding. They need you to understand them. This is a great parenting goal as this is something we can hardly make with the stress we have as a new mom. But don’t let your kids think that you don’t understand them and you don’t care for them. Let them know that Mom understands, and Mom listens.

7. Do not throw your problems into your child’s lap

It’s new year guys. A clean slate. Let’s stop getting mad at our kids when they’re not at fault. You had a fight with your husband and you lash out to your son. Familiar? Guilty as charged. But I realized, it’s never too late to change that. Make sure they feel that it’s not their fault. Mommy and Daddy are having a misunderstanding but it’s not your responsibility. Or, you can put your fight in the room and take a deep breath before attending to your child. It will make a very huge difference.

8. Cut Back TV Time

We’ve heard a lot about this. But honestly, it’s so hard to keep up. I’ve tried a no screen time and I barely lasted the day. I suggest just cut back on TV time. I usually make it a babysitter at night when I have to make dinner or in the morning preparing his breakfast. After that, it’s playtime. Also, make sure the videos are educational. It’s not too bad, you know.

Just cut back a little.

9. Sleep early

Mom, do yourself a favor and make sleeping earlier a part of your 2019 parenting goals. It’s very important to prioritize sleep. Personally, I’m a much better parent when I have better sleep. Thanks to my milk, I doze off right away. We’re moms. We’re humans. We don’t have superpowers and we need to recharge.

So far these parenting goals are totally achievable and are super effective once accomplished. So,  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

What are your Parenting Goals this year? Let me know in the comments below.

9 Totally Achievable Parenting Goals in 2019. Resolutions are unrealistic, they just happen on the first few weeks of the year. But #ParentingGoals are much better.

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