2018 Accomplishments

December 23, 2018With Love, From Sza

2018 hasn’t been the best year so far, to be honest. It has been hard to adjust being a young mom and also trying to figure out who I am. A lot has happened this effin’ year. But I try to turn into the positive side of the leaf and measure all my accomplishments as well.

As you know, last year 2017,  Terrence and I moved from Davao City to the lowland city of Cavite – Imus City. Just this year, we have moved to our rented apartment in the same city. Thus, we are getting no help from anyone. No babysitter, or house-help. We have decided to be more independent and we would want to better move on our own, and I wanted to organize my home as I want it to. Only 2 years but a lot has happened.

Relationship challenges, family issues, and the death of a loved one. As I say, it hasn’t been the best year.

And here comes, 2019. I am so excited to welcome the new year with open arms. I hope you are too! I always feel like it’s gonna be a clean slate and the past year are lessons learned.

Even though 2018 hasn’t been the best year, I had things I was able to accomplish this year which makes me really proud.

1. We were able to move to our own apartment.

This is what I was telling earlier. We saved money so we can get a place on our own as we were previously living together with Terrence’s family. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it there, however, there are circumstances that we wanted to do things on our own. You know what I mean. This is by far the greatest and hardest achievement this year. It hasn’t been easy planning and deciding.

2. I was able to host a DIY Birthday Party for Dreu. 

I grew up hating parties because of my social anxiety. Yet I was able to accomplish hosting the party for Dreu’s 2nd birthday. It’s just a simple family and close friends only party but I wanted them to see a little more of Dreu so I DIY-ed the decors. I cooked the foods with no help  – which means I bought them from the market alone. Since moving here, I have no one to ask help from, and I’d prefer working on my own to achieve the things exactly how I want them to be. And success, so I also count this as one of my greatest achievement this year. Aside from number one. 🙂

3. Put up my blog again despite losing motivation numerous times.

Due to the changes I am going through as a young mom, I’ve been losing motivation to blog no matter how I love to write and share stuff. However, because of reading some self-help books and blogs, I was able to pick my motivation where I left it off from the floor and re-branded my blog. As a graphic designer, I realized that designing my own blog theme makes me more motivated. Plus, having a blog design that I love makes me write more. Thus, another big achievement.

4. Overcame my depression and control my self a little better now.

As I have shared before on a blog post, I was having a hard time with our friend Postpartum Depression. As I have realized what the culprit is, some lifestyle and mindset changes, so far so good.  Terrence was even able to see the difference now. It has been better. Yay! Accomplishment.

5. Survived another year with no nanny for Dreu

It was hard having a toddler, and now he has turned two, even harder. And I was so proud that I was able to survive, juggling house-chores and taking care of my terrible two namely Terrence + Dreu. Now this is an accomplishment!

6. More organized than ever

I grew up having my parents do things for me. Fold clothes, laundry, dishes. I don’t do those stuff. But as I became a young mom, I was able to clean more now, organize more. I hate seeing the kitchen counter with a little mess, nor things not in their right places. I’m even folding our clothes using the KonMari Method. Here’s a really great article from The Spruce. Our home is far from perfect, never once was it super clean and organized but I’ve been trying to be more conscious about it. That’s the thing when we became moms. A clean home is never a big deal to me when I was younger but now, clutter-free home is a stress-free home.

7. Can commute alone

Because Manila is new to me, and comparing Davao where the commute is smooth and easy, I was able to adapt. Now, I can commute with my toddler, from Cavite to QC/Makati/BGC or vice versa. It has been a long and tiring day of discovery under the scorching heat of the sun and train full of people (thank God for priority seats for mom with kids). Plus, I think this new terminal helped me a lot. So, yeah! I count this as another accomplishment!

8. You Guys!

Because of some #momhack post, my facebook page grew from 130 likes to 2,181 likes in a span of a week. You guys are awesome! I was so happy that the engagement is growing and I was able to share something very helpful to moms. This may be a small number to others but for me, as a startup blogger, this is huge. I am trying to be more consistent and provide more quality content over my blog and on social media. You guys have been a blessing for me and I will do my very best to share more amazing posts in the coming year! Another accomplishment this year!

I am so excited to welcome 2019 with flying colors! Great accomplishments in 2018 thus, more accomplishments in the coming year! Hoping to share my new year with you!

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year! 🎄🎆


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