12 Plans this Christmas

November 14, 2018With Love, From Sza

Christmas starts at September in the Philippines and actually, this blog post might be a little too late about Christmas plans. I can literally smell the festivities in the air, jingling bells, and Christmas lights people’s doors.

Personally, Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year and is so dear to me. I feel like everyone’s filled with love and joy. I feel cheerful and it’s the most beautiful time of the year. Not only because it has reminded me of the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, but it also makes me so blessed to end the year as a family and celebrate!

It may not be 12 days before Christmas but I have written down 12 plans I have this holiday season and I hope I’d be able to accomplish these things with my family.


Hang those Christmas lights after Dreu’s birthday. We’re celebrating his 2nd birthday the same month, and  I plan to light those little bulbs right after. I haven’t bought one yet but I plan to do it together when buying party favors.


Buy my family gifts. My parents are both in Korea and my little sister is in Davao so we cannot celebrate Christmas together this year but it has always been a tradition in the family to give out Christmas gifts, so I will start a new tradition for my new family. It may not be expensive but it’s the thought that counts, right?


Have all or atleast half debts paid. This year has been tough for Daddy Tee and me as we have leveled up from just changing diapers to changing homes.  Some things did not go as planned, some were not even planned. So, it’s great to start the new year with lesser debts in mind.


Visit a Christmas Light Shows. I’m thinking of  Ayala Triangle Festival of Lights or Mall of Asia Grand Festival of Lights. I am so excited! Yaaaaas!


Make coffee jelly this Christmas. Another tradition for my family. Yay! Daddy Tee and I both love coffee & we feel like this dessert represents the both of us and we absolutely love it!


Watch Christmas show on Netflix. Because we don’t have family near us, we may just end up watching some Holiday Netflix shows and it’s still gonna be a chilly amazing night.


Video call with my parents and sister. They may be far but thanks to technology, our families are just one call away. I plan to have them on the phone until 12 midnight.


Take a family portrait. Christmas is the best time of the year to take photo with my family so I plan to just have one done before Christmas at a studio, perhaps. We may be wearing red again this time. Hahaha!


Be grateful for the blessings. I have a lot of things to be grateful for – my family, my son, good health… Ahhhh! There’s a lot! I’ll just wait to write it down for Christmas.


Simple dinner with my family. Daddy Tee may have work on Christmas Eve and I plan to have just a quick, and wonderful dinner at home.


Stay inside our home on Christmas Eve because I’m scared of all those fireworks. I grew up in Davao, and it hasn’t been allowed there for like 20 years now. Talk about keeping the record of 0 injuries on Christmas and New Year!


I’ll absolutely have those torotots. It’s fun and anoyingly noisy and lifts up the spirit of Christmas!

I am so excited.

I know you are too!

Have a great holidays and Merry Christmas!

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